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Q&A: Jay Som on Her Drunkenly Bandcamped Debut and ‘Mind-Blowing’ Tour With Mitski

"We love you, you little twerp," says Michelle Zauner, frontwoman to dream-pop outfit Japanese Breakfast. It's the last night of tour, and Zauner's onstage sending love…
Matt Malone / August 12, 2016

Stream Thee Oh Sees’ Spiraling, Shredding New LP ‘A Weird Exits’

Indie rock’s prolific psych-shredders Thee Oh Sees are ready to melt faces once again with their 11th full-length in eight years, A Weird Exits. Just…
Matt Malone / August 8, 2016

Arc Iris’ Cosmic New Single ‘Paint With the Sun’ Is a Fable in Disguise

It feels ironic that Arc Iris comes from the smallest state in the US. The Providence-based trio writes astronomical music, with vast diversity in instrumentation,…
Matt Malone / August 3, 2016

Aptly Named New Duo Encourage Dance-Floor Weeping With ‘Let Me Go’

Don’t let their origins fool you. While the accurately tagged New Duo comprises Scott Stapleton of Phosphorescent and Matthew Walker of Brooklyn’s psych-pop group Dead…
Matt Malone / August 2, 2016

Find a ‘Second Home’ in the Honest Anthems of Dogbreth’s New Record

"Cool and Blue" is both a highlight off Dogbreth’s new record Second Home and a fitting description of the band as a whole. The Phoenix/Seattle-hailing…
Matt Malone / August 1, 2016

Blowout Offer a New Voice for Emo on the Riotous ‘No Beer, No Dad’

While the late-'90s rise of emo inspired as many fangirls as it did fanboys, the actual band members creating the genre’s canon were predominantly male.
Matt Malone / July 27, 2016

Sexy Dex & The Fresh Harmonize Hyper-Pop and Funk on the Off-Kilter ‘My Bae-B’

The punctuation that saturates Sexy Dex and The Fresh’s Soundcloud name (read: !Sexy Dex /&\ The Fresh!) is necessary to understand just how electric and…
Matt Malone / July 21, 2016

Carl Broemel’s Charming Acoustic Single ‘Snowflake’ Is Inspired by Molecular Physics, Naturally

Carl Broemel’s third single from his upcoming record 4th of July doesn’t employ snowflake imagery to denote some "stunning originality of his one true love."
Matt Malone / July 21, 2016

Hairy Hands Insists Aliens Can Cure Loneliness on “YNA”

Hampshire-based Hairy Hands, the multi-instrumentalist/producer/singer known to his human friends as James Alexander Bright, has a healthy obsession with space travel, otherworldly wonders, and…
Matt Malone / July 20, 2016

The Channels Patent the Melody of Weirdness on ‘The Same Thing’

"We’ve been trying to do the same thing," avers Wes Kaplan of the punk question mark that is the Channels. Either Kaplan is being ironic…
Matt Malone / July 14, 2016

Creative Adult Use Growling Riffs to ‘Heal’ Themselves on New Track

A Fear of Life may not be a phobia familiar to all, though Creative Adult’s traumatic past justifies their connection to their second LP’s title.
Matt Malone / July 7, 2016

Twist Celebrate Self-Confidence on New Single ‘Can’t Wait’

Twist's lineup hasn't always been easy to pin down. Aside from the Toronto act's core members, singer-songwriter Laura Hermiston and Holy F**k’s Brian Borchedt, a number of artists…
Matt Malone / July 5, 2016

Animal Collective’s Deakin Offers a Thwomping, Pristine Remix to Niagara’s ‘Hyperocean’

When focusing on their own work, Animal Collective have a unique tendency to conjure up all sorts of chaos around simple pop melodies. But when…
Matt Malone / June 30, 2016

Field Mouse Can Only Remain Calm for So Long on ‘Out of Context’

"Out of Context," the final track on Field Mouse’s forthcoming record, is not your typical album closer. Lead singer Rachel Browne fights hard to stay level,…
Matt Malone / June 23, 2016

Drowse Composes His Own Mental ‘Break’ on New Single

Kyle Bates is the man behind shoegaze/drone project Drowse, whose new yolk-filled video "Break" marks the first single from his upcoming Memory Bed EP. After…
Matt Malone / June 22, 2016

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