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Sexy Dex & The Fresh Harmonize Hyper-Pop and Funk on the Off-Kilter ‘My Bae-B’

The punctuation that saturates Sexy Dex and The Fresh’s Soundcloud name (read: !Sexy Dex /&\ The Fresh!) is necessary to understand just how electric and eclectic this New Orleans funk collective really is. Imagine the most rave-ready TV on the Radio hits blasted on 11, produced by PC Music, and featuring a jumping Janelle Monae after a few Red Bulls.

Born out of guitarist/vocalist Dexter (“Dex”) Gilmore’s solo project Coldiloqs, Sexy Dex and The Fresh formed just over a year ago, and have recruited four new players since. The diverse membership melds backgrounds of dance, RnB, synth pop, and raw New Orleans funk. Yes, it’s chaotic and of course it’s overwhelming. But SD&TF are astute enough to keep their genre volatility from ever imploding, a feat most evident on their ultra-tight “My Bae-B,” a squeaking, wriggling trophy of a song. In less than three minutes, the song could fill a dance-floor geared towards anything from ’60s motown to ’80s new wave to ’10s bubblegum pop.

Hear both Sexy Dex and his Fresh Friends screech their hook-laden melodies on the fiery single below, and keep your eyes peeled for a new tape coming out in August.