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Aptly Named New Duo Encourage Dance-Floor Weeping With ‘Let Me Go’

The outfit's self-titled debut album will be out September 30

Don’t let their origins fool you. While the accurately tagged New Duo comprises Scott Stapleton of Phosphorescent and Matthew Walker of Brooklyn’s psych-pop group Dead Dream, their collective music boasts none of the sleepy haze that their separate groups adore. In fact, “Let Me Go,” is everything but sleepy: Wired, eerie, and club-ready, the track recalls an ’80s prom nightmare, big hair and all. Stapleton’s mustache and aviators in the neon-colored video don’t help to quell the nostalgia much, either.

Like the best of old New Order, the track blooms via a drum loop and a heavy bass line, somehow swelling into something aggressive. In the end, however, it’s a simple plea, repeated to infinity, just like the instruments beneath — “Why don’t you let me go?” The tears-on-the-dance-floor recipe suits New Duo as well as it does genre masterminds like ABBA and Robyn.

Watch the video below, and look out for the group’s self-titled album on September 30.