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Twist Celebrate Self-Confidence on New Single ‘Can’t Wait’

Twist‘s lineup hasn’t always been easy to pin down. Aside from the Toronto act’s core members, singer-songwriter Laura Hermiston and Holy F**k’s Brian Borchedt, a number of artists (Crocodiles’ Charlie Rowell, Courtney Love touring musician Jenny Vee, to name a few) have flowed in and out of the duo’s recording sessions and live shows. Such instability can make one feel uneasy, or worse, trivial — a feeling reflected in the band’s new single, “Can’t Wait.”  

“I wrote the song after we played some shows in NYC in 2015,” Hermiston tells SPIN over email. “My bandmate from my old band played bass with us for those shows right before she moved to Montreal to start playing bass for TOPS. I was happy for her and my other bandmates who were also embarking on new adventures, but it made me feel like I was losing my best friends and I felt stagnant in my own life by comparison.”

“Can’t Wait” is Twist’s hard-headed refusal to feel ditched and down. “Instead of getting all ‘woe is me’ and writing that type of song, I decided, screw it. You gotta choose your own adventure,” says Hermiston.

Soaked in reverb and echo, “Can’t Wait” shimmers like all surf-pop should. Its catchy chorus, belted with a rejuvenated voice, is certainly the highlight, and the whole song should be earmarked for your “Songs of the Summer” playlist. Check it out below, and keep an eye out for the Spectral LP, coming on August 26 via Buzz Records.

Twist tour dates:
August 18 – Ottawa, Ontario @ Arboretum Festival w/ Dilly Dally
August 20 – Brooklyn, NY @ Shea Stadium
August 21 – NYC, NY @ Mercury Lounge
August 24 – Cincinnati, OH @ NSYC
September 8 – Calgary, Alberta @ Broken City
September 12 – Chicago, IL @ Subterranean