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15 Minute Live Performances

15 Minute Live Performances: Sam Himself

Sam Himself
(Credit: Harry Griffin)

Born in Switzerland and bred in Gotham, Sam Himself has won accolades in his homeland, but has aspirations to conquer the world. With his blend of alternative and indie rock, the musician has garnered accolades. In particular, following the release of his 2020 EP, Slow Drugs, Sam Himself (his name is a joke after a bandmate didn’t show up for a show and a promoter said it’s Sam Himself) took home the Swiss National Broadcasting Service’s Best Talent award. Not too shabby, but better days are definitely on the way for the rising Himself.

Early in 2020, Sam Himself (born Sam Koechlin) went back to Europe to play a few shows with Anna Rossinelli and just a few days later, the pandemic and lockdown hit, keeping him in Europe. So what did he do? Create.

Sam Himself hunkered down in a Swiss studio where he wrote “Cry,” a new single that lamented on 2020 and having to leave his beloved New York City home, at least for a bit.

Now, he’s back in the Big Apple, and in the midst of recording a new album. If that’s not enough of a positive swing, he was also nominated for a Swiss Music Award.

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