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The Flaming Lips Perform ‘God and the Policeman’ From Their Trademark Space Bubbles For Fallon

The Flaming Lips stepped back inside their trademark space bubbles Friday night for another socially distanced performance, this time for The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. The band performed their latest single “God and the Policeman” off their brand new album American Head. While Kacey Musgraves lends her vocals to the studio version, she unfortunately was not bubbled up with the band.

“God and the Policeman” follows previously released songs “My Religion is You,” “Will You Return/When You Come Down,” “Dinosaurs on the Mountain” and “You N’ Me Sellin Weed.”

Watch the performance below.

We recently chatted with singer Wayne Coyne about the new album and the future of live music. Unsurprisingly, the Lips are actively trying to figure out a way to replicate their Colbert performance, with crowd members safely moving around in space bubbles.

“That’s gonna be the next phase,” he divulged. “As the end of September comes along, we’re probably gonna try to do it. As ridiculous as it sounds. I just don’t know how good the concert would be, but I do know the virus wouldn’t be contagious doing it like this.”

Though COVID-19 altered the band’s plans, like it did for so many others, it wasn’t all bad. They were able to take their time putting out American Head and spend some quality time with loved ones in Oklahoma. “It’s the first [time] in probably about 16 years that we’ve actually been home all summer,” Coyne said.