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The Flaming Lips Show Everyone How to Do a Socially Distant Concert on Late Show

The Flaming Lips

For years, Wayne Coyne has been known for performing in a lifesized clear bubbly during the Flaming Lips shows. But who would have thought that in 2020 during the global pandemic, it would be a genius idea?

Last night (June 11), the Flaming Lips performed “Race for the Prize” on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. And instead of doing it from their homes as other bands have done it in the past, they decided to put everyone — even the audience — into these giant bubbles for a truly socially distant concert.

While it might seem a little weird to be watching a bunch of huge clear balls bouncing around on your screen, at least, for those people who got to attend the show, they finally had the chance to experience what many of us have been craving for months — live music.

Aside from their performance on Colbert, the band recently dropped a new song, “Flowers of Neptune 6,” which features guest vocals from Kacey Musgraves.

Watch the Flaming Lips perform “Race For The Prize” The Late Show With Stephen Colbert below.