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This Video Proves Teens Totally Know Who Nirvana Is

Teens React to Nirvana

It’s a rather easy joke to take something old, put it in front of a bunch of youngins, and capture their reactions on camera. What’s amazing about the Fine Bros‘ viral clip “Teens React to Nirvana” is that there is no joke — everyone knows who Nirvana is (duh) and everyone respects the legacy. Seen above, participants are asked for comment on “Smells Like Teen Spirit, “Heart-Shaped Box,” and the band’s legendary MTV Unplugged performance. The analysis includes some pretty honest gems regarding Kurt Cobain’s hotness and Dave Grohl’s pony tail, and also includes a whole lot of singing along.

This is the latest in a series of Nirvana-related oddities which seem to be arriving daily as we move on from what would have been Cobain’s 47th birthday (February 20), and approach not only the 20th anniversary of his untimely death (April 5), but the induction of his iconic band into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (April 10). Among those: a hideous crying statue, Kurt Cobain Day, Nirvana Day, a drummer snubbing, a Mudhoney bio, a Lorde cover, a Jay Reatard cover, a Craigslist hoax, a brand new beer commercial, a really old hotel ad, new photos of Cobain’s death scene, more photos of his and Courtney Love’s Los Angeles apartment, and the chance to turn the man’s childhood home into a museum.