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Miley Cyrus Masturbates for Attention in ‘Adore You’ Video

Miley Cyrus, "Adore You," video

This time last year, Miley Cyrus was turning in disarmingly stripped-down covers of Dolly Parton and Bob Dylan, and a year before that she was hinting she was more than the “Party in the USA” singer with weed-themed birthday speeches and an Occupy Wall Street tribute video. Well, as we’ve already documented, Cyrus’ 2013 has been marked by her manipulation of the social media echo chamber, which takes “there’s no such thing as bad publicity” to previously unimagined levels (she also made our list of The Year in NSFW). Her album Bangerz has already offered record-breaking videos for polarizing Mike WiLL Made It showcase “We Can’t Stop” and superpower-ballad “Wrecking Ball.”

Cyrus took to Twitter on Christmas night to slam the “fuck face” who leaked the video for Bangerz‘ “Adore You,” suggesting it would also have broken records otherwise, but see, the problem with going door to door trying to shock people is eventually it gets predictable. Here’s Billy Ray Cyrus’ daughter touching herself in bed and in the bathtub and licking her fingers suggestively while the lush pop ballad sweeps and swoons. Hope the couples who play this as the first dance at their weddings don’t let their parents see the video, but really, their parents probably wouldn’t even be surprised at this point. “Oh, she’s just being Mil…” “Shut up, Dad.”