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For Once, Chris Brown Is on the Receiving End of an Apology

Chris Brown, Timbaland, apology

Chris Brown doesn’t apologize often, but the Hall of Shamer tends to end up in situations where he probably should. Frank Ocean’s recent Brown-targeted “Versace” lyrics bring to mind the time Brown insulted Ocean on Twitter and then the two got into a fight in an L.A. studio parking lot. Brown and another sparring rival, Drake, have been cleared of a lawsuit over their 2012 nightclub brawl, but Brown still could answer for his work with a shady charity, his alleged hit-and-run accident, or at least that dopey outdoor artwork his neighbors wanted him to take down

Now, Brown finds himself in what is surely an even more unfamiliar situation: someone apologizing to him. It’s Timbaland, who had a 2007 hit with his remix of OneRepublic’s “Apologize,” so it’s not exactly a person who is unfamiliar with the concept, but still. In an interview posted on YouTube earlier this week, Timbaland told Revolt TV that posthumous collaborations with his former musical partner Aaliyah would “never work.” He singled out Brown and Drake by name.

In damage-control mode, Timbaland has since backed away from his criticisms of a pop star who might want to hire him for his work sometime. He went on to praise Drake elsewhere in the video, but he never offset his comment about Brown; turns out, that’s what Twitter is for. As Rap Radar notes, Timbo recently tweeted an extensive apology to Brown, and you can read it in full below:

I want 2 publicly apologize 2 my lil homie @chrisbrown 4 my statements on revolt regarding the Aaliyah collaborations. I actually like the song wit him n Aaliyah, its just when you are talking about babygirl its a very sensitive subject with me. So the people who not only worked with her but grew a bond so tight we are like family so im very over protective over her.

I have mad luv 4 my dude @chrisbrown. A mother lost a daughter. a brother lost a sister. that is still grieving over her passing. it just a very sensitive subject. I just want the family to be respected

For Brown’s part, he hasn’t yet apologized for his Aaliyah collaboration, “Don’t Think They Know.” Sure, Drake hasn’t apologized for his Aaliyah collaboration yet either, but he did say he’s sorry for J. Cole’s ugly, stupid autism reference in “Jodeci Freestyle.” It’s okay, though, because there’s a good chance Brown will get another chance of his own to apologize for something soon.