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Chris Brown Is Closer to Going to Jail Than Ever

Chris Brown

Chris Brown is the closest he’s been to possible jail time since pleading guilty four years ago to beating his girlfriend Rihanna. As CNN reports, a judge has revoked Brown’s probation for allegedly failing to share his drivers’ license and insurance details with another motorist after a small fender-bender. The 24-year-old singer will be free pending a trial. Before the traffic case came up, Brown’s probation was already under scrutiny after prosecutors claimed he failed to do the community service required under his 2009 felony assault conviction.

Brown will probably be just fine. According to a rep, the singer predicts his probation will be put back in place and the traffic charges will be waived. In a statement to CNN, the rep also said the other driver’s lawyer told a court yesterday (deep breath!) “that his client did not want to press charges, that any damage was ‘negligible,’ and that Chris did identify himself at the scene and that she was given all of the appropriate insurance information.” The rep said Brown’s camp hopes a judge will dismiss the case next week.

The police report tells another tale. Brown “went ballistic” after the minor crash, a woman whose Mercedes his Range Rover allegedly rear-ended was quoted as telling investigators. The woman, Olga Gure, reportedly quoted Brown as repeatedly calling her a “bitch” and asking, “Do you think I am just a black nigger? I got more money than you, beech!” (CNN actually typed “beech.”)

What do police say set Brown off? After Brown allegedly refused to provide the documents people usually give each other after an accident, Gure took a photo of him and girlfriend Karrueche Tran. “I was so shocked, that I was speechless,” Gure was quoted as saying. “Just a moment ago he was a nice guy.” She reportedly said she got Brown’s information two days after the accident thanks to a private investigator.

Brown’s next court date is August 16. Then the judge will set a date for a trial on whether to reinstate the singer’s probation. If the probation stays revoked, the judge could send Brown to jail. His beating of Rihanna originally carried a five-year jail sentence.

On Twitter last month, Brown suggested Gure’s comments to the cops were part of an attempt to extract money from him. “I have a valid drivers license and I gave the woman the right info. She saw cameras and wanted to make a scene,” he wrote. He added, “She contacted the cops thinking of a payday from Chris Brown when I followed the proper procedures.”

It will, of course, be up to the judge to decide either way. To be fair, Chris Brown’s Chris Brown-iness does have a way of causing people to overreact even when he’s not necessarily at fault. Although Brown recently took down the graffiti murals around his Hollywood Hills home after complaints by neighbors, that controversy also may have gotten overheated due to his involvement.

Brown does many things wrong — has anyone figured out his video with Holo-Aaliyah yet? — but that doesn’t mean he’s guilty of every charge anyone throws against him. He’s not, like, Keyser Soze.