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Watch Jeff Tweedy Sing About Karate Chops on ‘Parks and Recreation’

Parks and Recreation keeps upping its own already-high ante when it comes to music references. Last week's Parks and Rec included a nod to Daft Punk…
Marc Hogan / April 11, 2014

‘Parks and Recreation’ Brings Daft Punk to Pawnee, Disses the Lumineers

Parks and Recreation has always been great with the music references. April's Neutral Milk Hotel obsession, Andy's love of Dave Matthews, Ben's Letters to Cleo…
Dan Reilly / April 4, 2014

‘Parks and Rec’ Finale Books Yo La Tengo, Ginuwine, Jeff Tweedy

The Parks and Recreation season finale is shaping up to be a major event for music fans. Previously known guests of the April 24 show…
Chris Martins / March 28, 2014

Pawnee Hotel Foxtrot: Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy to Visit ‘Parks and Recreation’

Mouse Rat may be getting some competition. Chris Pratt's character Andy Dwyer is the one with the band on Parks and Recreation, but an upcoming…
Marc Hogan / February 7, 2014