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Mouse Rat Releases Two More Songs, ‘The Pit’ and ‘Two Birds Holding Hands,’ Off The Awesome Album

Following the announcement just a couple of short weeks ago that the iconic Pawnee, Indiana band Mouse Rat would be releasing The Awesome Album in August thanks to Dualtone Music Group and (of course) the legendary industry bigwigs at Entertainment 720, Andy Dwyer and his three bandmates have officially released the second and third tracks from the long-awaited album.

While neither song is an established international mega-hit like the album’s lead single (and touching Li’l Sebastian tribute) “5,000 Candles In the Wind,” the two new tracks show the diversity in skill and songwriting from the band. Fans may remember “The Pit” as one of the band’s earliest tracks to be featured in the award-winning docuseries Parks and Recreation after Dwyer tragically broke both of his legs after falling into a large hole in the ground from a bankrupt construction project.

“My favorite song on the new album is ‘The Pit’ because it brings back some special memories of my reporting at the pit,” recalled local Pawnee journalist Shauna Newport on the band’s official Instagram.

Check out the new official lyric video for “The Pit” below.



The other track released today is “Two Birds Holding Hands,” a romantic track that Dwyer penned specifically for his wedding with Mouse Rat manager April Ludgate-Dwyer. In an official statement about the songs from Ludgate-Dwyer, she said “Shut up and stop asking me stuff or I’m going to murder you a thousand times.”

Check out the official version of “Two Birds Holding Hands” below.