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Watch Jeff Tweedy Sing About Karate Chops on ‘Parks and Recreation’

'Parks and Recreation,' Jeff Tweedy, Bo Burnham

Parks and Recreation keeps upping its own already-high ante when it comes to music references. Last week’s Parks and Rec included a nod to Daft Punk and a Lumineers dis, and it came with Spotify playlists from the characters played by Aziz Ansari and Adam Scott. In the latest episode, which you can watch in full below, Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy plays the singer of defunct Indiana rock heroes Land Ho!, and he harmonizes with costar Chris Pratt on a kids’ song called “Karate Chop Master.” Also, comedian-singer Bo Burnham played a temperamental teen country star, and you can scroll down to watch his “Beautiful Like My Mom (Support the Troops)” video. Sam Elliott, last seen on the show quoting the Smiths, makes a return, too. And there’s a Bruno Mars mention. Spoiler (not really): Hardly anybody mentions whether Amy Poehler’s character should take that job in Chicago. The show’s April 24 season finale promises Tweedy, Yo La Tengo, Ginuwine, and Letters to Cleo.