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See Chairlift’s Singer Play Stretch Armstrong in Delorean’s ‘Unhold’ Video

With the trauma of their "virtual kidnapping" now behind them, Barcelona's Delorean are moving forward with the promotion for their latest album, this year's Apar.
Kyle McGovern / November 8, 2013

Lou Reed Stays Rock’n’Roll to the End in His Final Interview

Lou Reed's death on October 27 was as close to ideal as one can imagine, we learned from Laurie Anderson's recent tissues-required essay. On September…
Marc Hogan / November 8, 2013

Watch Justin Timberlake Perform Bell Biv DeVoe’s ‘Poison’

Justin Timberlake's The 20/20 Experience 2 of 2 may have inspired us to long nostalgically for the days of the first 20/20 Experience, and that literally dragging "TKO" video…
Chris Martins / November 8, 2013

Weekend Score a Lonely Man’s NSFW Night Out in ‘Rosaries’ Video

Weekend's second album Jinx offers taut post-punk and bleakly hazed dreamscapes in spades — we heard "Mirrors" earlier this year, and now there's a fittingly disquieting video…
Chris Martins / November 8, 2013

Watch Eminem Freestyle Because He’s Better at It Than Almost Everybody

Above, you're free to watch one of the rippingest freestylers in the known universe commandeer the microphone for a profanity-packed attack on, well, whatever Eminem…
SPIN Staff / November 8, 2013

‘The Daily Show’ Does Jay Z’s Barneys Beef Wrong

Jay Z's beef with the world over his Barneys associations has hit The Daily Show. On Wednesday night, Jon Stewart spent nearly seven minutes on…
Chris Martins / November 7, 2013

Vic Mensa Is Inside of the Internet in ‘YNSP’ Video

Chicago rhymer Vic Mensa gives us another reason to celebrate his still-fresh mixtape, Innanetape, with the video for "YNSP," the Eliza Doolittle-featuring song first heard…
Chris Martins / November 7, 2013

Rap Songs of the Week: Eminem Turns Joe Walsh into Slim Shady on ‘So Far…’

Brenmar & Matic808, "High Art"Mykki Blanco beatmaker and all-over-the-place producer Brenmar here joins Matic808, the Baltimore club kid who remixed the entirety of Kanye West's…
Brandon Soderberg / November 7, 2013

Dance Tracks of the Week: Nguzunguzu’s ‘Skycell’ Is a Very Quiet Take on Grime

Nguzunguzu, Skycell EP (Fade to Mind) Grime has typically been as diamond-tipped as the chainsaws Wiley uses to carve his Eskibeats into blocks of ice,…
Philip Sherburne / November 7, 2013

Yuck Celebrate the VHS Tape in ‘Lose My Breath’ Video

Yuck regrouped earlier this year sans frontman Daniel Blumberg and wound up making a record that handily rivals their debut. Glow & Behold is aptly…
Chris Martins / November 7, 2013

Hear Autre Ne Veut and Christian Fennesz’s Textured Team-Up ‘Alive’

An arty R&B up-and-comer has joined forces with an avant-garde electronic luminary for an analog-only project. Autre Ne Veut, the Brooklyn-based project of singer-producer Arthur…
Marc Hogan / November 7, 2013

David Bowie Goes for Baroque With Model in Louis Vuitton Short

David Bowie made his last music video for $12.99, but sometimes you gotta splurge. The singer appears among the bewigged, 17th-century-style smart set in a…
Marc Hogan / November 7, 2013

Aaron Cohen Raps All Over Hollywood in ‘Nickvanexelrose’ Video

Aaron Cohen came from Seattle but he's made New York his home. The man rhymes with an Eastern swagger and undeniable confidence, as witnessed in…
Chris Martins / November 7, 2013

Stream Museum of Bellas Artes’ Sumptuous Debut Album ‘Pieces’

The Museum of Bellas Artes album we've been waiting for since the Stockholm trio crashed Sweden's pop party four years ago is streaming below. Pieces expands…
Marc Hogan / November 7, 2013

Hear Ty Segall Celebrate His Birthday With Fuzz on Sludgy Live Cut ‘You Won’t See Me’

A few weeks back, John Dwyer's Castle Face Records announced a new, ongoing series of releases dubbed Live in San Francisco. The first entry, now…
Kyle McGovern / November 7, 2013
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