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Johnny Marr Flips ‘The It-Switch,’ Announces U.S. Tour

When he's not busy playing Smiths classic "How Soon Is Now" (on Fallon, at Coachella, with Ronnie Wood), Johnny Marr is steadily building support for his…
Chris Martins / July 16, 2013

Hear Swim Good’s Crystalline, Sample-Disco ‘Summer Solstice’

Swim Good shares a name with a song by Frank Ocean, and new track "Summer Solstice" is billed as "summer pop in the spirit of…
Marc Hogan / July 16, 2013

Hear Bare Mutants’ Booming Fuzz-Rock Anthem ‘Growing’

In the absence of new music from the Ponys, fans of noise-streaked rock can turn their lonely eyes to Bare Mutants. The Ponys haven't put…
Marc Hogan / July 16, 2013

Lil Wayne Doesn’t Step on the Flag in Provocative ‘God Bless Amerika’ Video

Lil Wayne's social consciousness takes strange forms that don't necessarily line up with previous generations' ideas about activism. From 2006's Dedication 2 mixtape, "Georgia... Bush" was a…
Marc Hogan / July 16, 2013

RiFF RaFF Lives Hoop Dreams, Bakes Potatoes in ‘Mr. Popular’ Video

RiFF RaFF has gotten to calling himself "the white [substitute famous person who isn't white]" in recent verses, a lyrical standby of his that harkens…
Jordan Sargent / July 16, 2013

Earl Sweatshirt Spreads Dread in Video for Holocaust-Referencing ‘Hive’

Earl Sweatshirt's upcoming Doris LP arrives August 20, and in advance of that fast-approaching date, the Odd Future MC has shared the video for album…
Kyle McGovern / July 16, 2013

No Age Chill Out With String-Heavy ‘An Impression’

No Age keep unveiling tracks from their upcoming album, An Object, and the latest, "An Impression," is the most surprising yet. While they deemed the…
Dan Reilly / July 16, 2013

Against Me! Detail Laura Jane Grace’s Coming Out on ‘True Trans’ EP

Against Me! have been working on their long-awaited sixth album since last year, and now fans can finally hear acoustic versions of two new songs from…
Kyle McGovern / July 16, 2013

Hear Mazzy Star’s ‘California,’ From Their First Album in 17 Years

"I think I'm going back to California," Hope Sandoval sings on "California," the first advance track from Mazzy Star's first new album since 1996's Among My…
Marc Hogan / July 16, 2013

Jacuzzi Boys Incite Anarchy, Public Spankings in ‘Double Vision’ Video

When Jacuzzi Boys began work on their self-titled third album, the Miami-based garage punks entered the studio with a "more open-ended feeling" than ever before. "We were…
Kyle McGovern / July 16, 2013

David Bowie’s Crazy Eyes Spend ‘Valentine’s Day’ in an Abandoned Building

Continuing in the long line of music videos filmed in abandoned buildings, David Bowie's "Valentine's Day" finds the rocker alone, angrily playing a tiny Steinberger…
Dan Reilly / July 16, 2013

Hear White Poppy’s Whirlpooling ‘Wear Me Away’

White Poppy, Crystal Dorval's one-woman show, deals in "experimental therapeutic pop," another way to describe dreamy, washed out, lovesick stunners. The Vancouver-based tunesmith will issue…
Kyle McGovern / July 16, 2013

Mars Volta Man Eureka the Butcher Conducts Grisly ‘Desert Rituals’

The Mars Volta may have splintered but that's thankfully done nothing to slow the tide of music emerging from its former members. Eureka the Butcher…
Chris Martins / July 16, 2013

Beck’s 15-Minute ‘I Won’t Be Long’ Mixes Coos With Kim Gordon

Earlier this month, Beck dropped "I Won't be Long," a new single that SPIN's Marc Hogan described as "dreamy yet precisely sculpted" and "pointedly meandering."
Kyle McGovern / July 16, 2013

Classixx and Nancy Whang Rock a Yacht in ‘All You’re Waiting For’ Video

Los Angeles disco revisionists Classixx have teamed up with a member of (retired) East Coast compatriots LCD Soundsystem on "All You're Waiting For." The glistening…
Chris Martins / July 15, 2013
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