Westerman – “Easy Money”

Enigmatic London-based singer-songwriter Westerman, born Will Westerman, continues to clarify his vision of stark, understated, and deceptively complex pop music single by single. Today, he's released…
Winston Cook-Wilson / July 11, 2018

Westerman – “I Turned Away”

The production on Westerman's songs is as bare and lonesome as his lyrics, which deal with feelings of self-deception and indecision. On the mysterious London singer-songwriter's…
Winston Cook-Wilson / March 27, 2018

Westerman’s “Confirmation” Is a Modern Sophisti-pop Miracle

26-year-old London-based singer-songwriter Westerman has released several well-crafted art-pop singles over the past couple of years. Normally anchored by delicate, lightly phased-out guitar, his previous recordings channel…
Winston Cook-Wilson / February 16, 2018