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2018: The Year in Review

No escape could last long enough in 2018, a year when the odds—political, social, environmental—seemed more daunting with each passing day. Still, there was music to help us get through it all. Here are our picks for the year’s most memorable albums and songs, as well as stories and interviews with some of the brightest stars of this year and, hopefully, next.

Check back throughout the month of December for more of Spin’s 2018 Year in Review.

[featuredStoryItemBlock tile_id=”313290″ title=”51 Best Albums of 2018″ index=”” image_id=”313295″]

[featuredStoryItemBlock tile_id=”314282″ title=”101 Best Songs of 2018″ index=”” image_id=”314283″]

[featuredStoryItemBlock tile_id=”313314″ title=”Westerman Is Making It on His Own” index=”” image_id=”313321″]

[featuredStoryItemBlock tile_id=”313701″ title=”Snail Mail Just Wants to Chill” index=”” image_id=”313702″]

[featuredStoryItemBlock tile_id=”313808″ title=”Mitski Thinks You Should Take a Vacation From the Internet” index=”” image_id=”313809″]

[featuredStoryItemBlock tile_id=”314350″ title=”” index=”” image_id=”314351″]

[featuredStoryItemBlock tile_id=”314046″ title=”15 Experimental Albums We Loved in 2018″ index=”” image_id=”314047″]

[featuredStoryItemBlock tile_id=”314373″ title=”Uneasy Listening: My Year of Surrendering to the Strange, Soothing Power of the YouTube Algorithm” index=”” image_id=”314374″]

[featuredStoryItemBlock tile_id=”314421″ title=”The Worst Songs We Heard in 2018″ index=”” image_id=”314422″]