The Inquisition

Scott Stapp Repents, Sorta

No one sets out to be a cliché. But in the 20 years since Creed formed in Florida, frontman Scott Stapp hit just about every…
Kenny Herzog / November 8, 2013

Al Jourgensen Bids Adieu to Ministry, Not to Speaking His Mind

Spend five minutes on a cross-country Skype call with the verbose Al Jourgensen and you'll realize why so many fans call him Uncle Al —…
Kenny Herzog / July 31, 2013

Going Far Out With Empire of the Sun

In 2008, Australians Nick Littlemore of electronic act Pnau and Luke Steele of folk-rockers Sleepy Jackson ditched whatever presumably normal duds they used to wear…
David Marchese / June 19, 2013

Iron Men: Black Sabbath’s Ozzy Osbourne and Geezer Butler Answer the Hard Questions

Thirty-five years ago, Black Sabbath released the frenzied, drug-addled Never Say Die! ... and then decided to fire frontman Ozzy Osbourne, ending the first period of…
Kory Grow / June 12, 2013

Fred Durst Answers for Limp Bizkit’s Legacy

Speaking from a cell phone before a concert in Dallas, 42-year-old Limp Bizkit lightning rod Fred Durst submits that he's "lucky to be standing on…
Kenny Herzog / May 29, 2013

LMFAO’s Redfoo on Going Solo, Being Despised, and Britney Sex Jokes

For six years, the colossally coiffed and brightly clothed human Muppet known as Redfoo stood side-by-side with his flashy foil SkyBlu as dance-pop memes LMFAO.
Kory Grow / February 5, 2013

Trinidad James Reveals Where He Got That Puppy, Why Love is Overrated

When puppy-wielding, leopard-skin print wearing MC Trinidad James rode a Midas-touched bicycle to YouTube success last October with his insanely over-the-top "All Gold Everything" video,…
Kory Grow / January 17, 2013

Deadmau5 on Beefing With Madonna, What He Shares With Dave Grohl, and Why One Direction Are the Future

An EDM godhead in an oversized mouse helmet, Deadmau5 infamously reigns over his empire of Tumblr and Twitter followers with an iron fist and lightning-fast…
Chris Martins / October 4, 2012

The Hives’ Howlin’ Pelle Almqvist Has Smart Answers to Our Smart-Ass Questions

Graduates of the great early-aughts garage-rock revival, and subjects of a subsequent bidding war, the Hives have learned some tough lessons over the years. The…
Jon Wiederhorn / June 28, 2012

Greg Dulli on Reuniting Afghan Whigs, Retaining Some Mystery

Greg Dulli is a lot of things: lead singer for sultry rockers the Twilight Singers, occasional actor, part owner of New Orleans' R Bar. But…
Mike Edison / June 21, 2012

Metallica’s Lars Ulrich on Orion Fest, ‘Lulu,’ and a ‘Black Album’ Regret

Metallica have entered their fourth decade far away from their comfort zone. Last year, the quartet released the nobly experimental Lulu, an almost universally detested…
Jon Wiederhorn / May 2, 2012

Best Coast’s Bethany Cosentino on Getting Emo and Clowning Around

Though Best Coast's 2010 debut album, Crazy for You, won an ocean of fans for its fizzy, lo-fi surf pop, frontwoman Bethany Cosentino swears she's…
John Sellers / April 16, 2012

The Inquisition: Sinead O’Connor

Since 1992, when she famously ripped up a photograph of the pope on Saturday Night Live, Sinéad O'Connor has been better at getting press for…
John Sellers / February 24, 2012

The Inquisition: Mark Lanegan

Mark Lanegan's seventh solo record, the muscular and moody Blues Funeral (4AD), is his first in eight years, but good luck getting the former Screaming…
Camille Dodero / February 23, 2012

Bon Iver’s Grammy Inquisition: Exclusive Q&A With 2012’s Best New Artist

On Sunday night, Bon Iver's Justin Vernon, a guy who admitted he was uncomfortable with the idea of a Grammy Award, stood up before an…
David Bevan / February 14, 2012
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