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American Football Announce New Album, Release “Silhouettes”

After posting a mysterious photo titled "III" on Twitter yesterday, Midwest emo legends American Football have confirmed the impending release of their third album, titled simply American…
Winston Cook-Wilson / December 11, 2018

It Looks Like American Football Are Teasing a Third Album

American Football took to Twitter today to tease what looks like their third full-length LP. The apparent album announcement is about as minimal as it gets: a…
Will Gottsegen / December 10, 2018

Video: American Football – “I’ve Been So Lost for So Long”

In October, American Football released their long-awaited second album, and today, they've shared a new video for "I've Been So Lost For So Long." The song itself is so…
Anna Gaca / April 4, 2017

The SPIN Interview: American Football’s Mike Kinsella

Mike Kinsella quickly cops to being "old," by which he means that he’s 39, married, and spent the day taking his kids to IKEA. His aw-shucks attitude…
Anna Gaca / October 21, 2016

Mike Kinsella Returns as ‘The King of Whys’ on New Owen LP

During two nine-day trips to Eau Claire, Wisconsin, Chicago singer-songwriter Mike Kinsella left behind his hometown recording days and mostly-solo writing practices to track Owen’s…
Natalie Caamano / July 26, 2016

Owls Deal in Creepy Card Game for ‘I’m Surprised…’ Video

Long-quiet emo outfit Owls finally made their return this month with Two, the follow-up to their self-titled 2001 debut album. Before the LP hit iTunes,…
Kyle McGovern / March 31, 2014

Owls Revel in Being Broke and Grubby on ‘Ancient Stars Seed’

Chicago emo-indie quartet Owls broke a decade-long hiatus in 2012 and got their act together last year to finally bring us their second album, Two.
Dan Reilly / February 4, 2014

Owls Unsurprisingly Sound Great on Return Song ‘I’m Surprised’

In December, emo OG Tim Kinsella confirmed to SPIN that his long-dormant Owls outfit would make a grand return in 2014. We then got an…
Chris Martins / January 8, 2014

Owls Confirm Long-Awaited Second Album With Off-Kilter Teaser

In a recent conversation with SPIN, Tim Kinsella confirmed that Owls, one of the singer-songwriter's many projects, would release a new album next spring. Now,…
Kyle McGovern / December 20, 2013

Owen Crashes a Funeral in Boozy ‘Bad Blood’ Video

Earlier this year, Mike Kinsella, the Illinois singer-songwriter who records as Owen, scaled his family tree with "Bad Blood," a majestic, country-informed single from his…
Kyle McGovern / November 5, 2013

Stream Owen’s Emotion-Wracked Album ‘L’Ami du Peuple’

"I got high with an art teacher of mine," Mike Kinsella's latest album as Owen, L'Ami du Peuple, begins. Due out July 2 via Polyvinyl, the…
Marc Hogan / June 25, 2013

Hear Owen Swim Against Family History on Climactic ‘Bad Blood’

Mike Kinsella's musical pedigree is daunting enough. The Owen singer-songwriter belongs to an Illinois indie-rock family tree that includes his roles in Cap'n Jazz, American…
Marc Hogan / April 11, 2013