Marina & the Diamonds

Marina and the Diamonds Shades Charli XCX on Instagram, Charli Responds

Charli XCX and Marina and the Diamonds sank into a social media exchange of words today over perceived artistic imitation. It began with Charli posting a…
Rachel Brodsky / March 11, 2016

Hear Marina & the Diamonds’ Delicate Cover of Cyndi Lauper’s ‘True Colors’

Marina & the Diamonds released her third studio album, Froot, in March of last year, but now there's new music from the singer behind one of the 25…
James Grebey / January 5, 2016

Marina and the Diamonds Goes to the Theme Park in ‘Blue’ Video

Marina and the Diamonds just released the sparkling, multicolor video for her Froot track, "Blue." Directed by Charlotte Rutherford and filmed at "Dreamland" Pleasure Park, the visual is a…
Brennan Carley / July 16, 2015

Governors Ball 2015: The 15 Best Things We Saw

SPIN spent this past weekend on New York City’s Randall’s Island, basking in the three-day glory of the Governors Ball Music Festival. Now in its…
SPIN Staff / June 8, 2015

Marina and the Diamonds Remember to ‘Forget’ on ‘Conan’

Welsh singer / songwriter Marina Diamandis — better known from her work as Marina and the Diamonds — released one of our favorite pop albums…
Andrew Unterberger / April 28, 2015

SPIN Pop Report: Seinabo Sey Electrifies R&B, Years & Years Do Haze-Pop Right

Though the sounds of Top 40 remain largely stagnant this year, there have been several mold-breaking exceptions in Q1, eschewing the typical pop format for…
Brennan Carley / April 16, 2015

Marina & the Diamonds Shatters the Pop System’s Ceiling on ‘Froot’

On her new album Froot, Marina & the Diamonds sheds the remnants of the sugar-pop persona — there's no Dr. Luke or Diplo here — that she…
Brennan Carley / March 11, 2015

SPIN Singles Mix: Mitski’s ‘Townie,’ Jenny Hval’s ‘That Battle is Over,’ and More

Welcome to SPIN's Singles Mix! The SPIN staff has rounded up their favorite, must-hear tracks for your personal playlists. From Philly punk kids to sexed-up…
SPIN Staff / March 11, 2015

Watch Marina and the Diamonds’ Final ‘Froot’ of the Month, ‘Forget’

Seeing that it's the top of March, Marina & the Diamonds has just released another music video — this time for her new single "Forget"
Brennan Carley / March 4, 2015

Marina and the Diamonds Billows in the Wind in ‘I’m a Ruin’ Video

In the sweeping, countryside video for Marina & the Diamonds' new track "I'm a Ruin," the Welsh singer wraps herself in billowing fabric as the wind whips…
Brennan Carley / February 3, 2015

Marina and the Diamonds Professes ‘I’m a Ruin’ on New ‘Froot’ Cut

Marina and the Diamonds — born Marina Diamandis — has just released the fourth track from her upcoming Froot (April 3 via Neon Gold and Atlantic) and…
Brennan Carley / January 27, 2015

Marina and the Diamonds Brings Old World Style to Her ‘Froot’ Video

Next April, Marina & the Diamonds will release her third full-length studio album, Froot. After unveiling the project's title track last month, the Welsh singer has…
Brennan Carley / November 11, 2014

Marina & the Diamonds Embrace the Dance Floor on ‘Froot’

On Marina & the Diamonds new single, "Froot," the Welsh starlet wants to teach eager fans about the importance of a balanced diet. The disco-laced…
Brennan Carley / October 10, 2014

Watch Marina & the Diamonds Slow Down ‘Lies’ for Smoldering ‘Conan’ Performance

Marina Diamandis, the singer-songwriter at the center of Marina & the Diamonds, morphed from new wave apologist to electro-pop starlet for her sophomore album, 2012's…
Kyle McGovern / May 9, 2013

Hear Charli XCX and Marina & the Diamonds Serve Up ‘Just Desserts’

Hot on the heels of her solid debut LP True Romance, left-field popist Charli XCX is getting collab-happy (word to Kendrick). Last month we heard…
Chris Martins / May 1, 2013
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