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Marina and the Diamonds Goes to the Theme Park in ‘Blue’ Video

Marina and the Diamonds just released the sparkling, multicolor video for her Froot track, “Blue.” Directed by Charlotte Rutherford and filmed at “Dreamland” Pleasure Park, the visual is a glossy good time, filled with cotton candy, dramatic glances, just the right amount of shoulder-shimmying, and even some shots of Marina on the theme park’s actual rides. Stay for the bumper-car choreography.

Marina Diamandis has always been an extremely visual musician, going as far to craft a meticulously outfitted character for her sophomore release. With Froot, she’s kept things demure, serene, and even a bit haute-couture, allowing the music and videos to exist in a nice harmony without one overpowering the other. “Blue” is no exception, and it simply proves why Diamandis is one of the most compelling pop artists around right now.