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Fake Viral Photo of Beto O’Rourke Wetting Himself Is Actually (Sandy) Alex G After Spilling Beer

Certain conservative circles have been circulating a photo online that they purport to be Democratic presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke wetting himself at a party when…
James Rettig, Stereogum / September 18, 2019

Billie Joe Armstrong on New Green Day Album’s Lack of Donald Trump Songs: He “Gives Me Diarrhea”

Green Day may have made political statements in the past, but don’t expect the band’s upcoming new album to feature songs about President Donald Trump.
Anna Chan / September 18, 2019

Joe Biden Was an Incoherent Mess During the Third Democratic Debate

Although former Vice President Joe Biden is still somehow holding on to a tenuous lead in the polls, his performance in the third Democratic presidential…
Maggie Serota / September 13, 2019

Republican Ad of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Fire Airs During Democratic Debate

The third Democratic presidential debate took place at Texas Southern University on Thursday, September 12, and the atmosphere was anything but calm. In between extensive…
Rob Arcand / September 12, 2019

Fox & Friends Host Fixates on the Creepiest Detail of 9/11 Victim’s Death

Fox & Friends co-host Ainsley Earhardt has a talent for finding and clinging to the most pointless or perverse angle to any tragedy. The Fox News…
Maggie Serota / September 11, 2019

Someone Did Donuts on One of Trump’s Putting Greens

President Trump's New Jersey Bedminster golf resort has been vandalized twice this month, according to Washington Post reporter David Fahrenthold. On Monday afternoon, Fahrenthold tweeted that…
Maggie Serota / September 9, 2019

Trump Pulls Out Bootleg Weather Map After Alabama Hurricane Lie

During an Oval Office briefing held Wednesday afternoon, President Trump showed reporters a map of Hurricane Dorian's projected path along the East Coast. Upon…
Maggie Serota / September 4, 2019

Watch Bernie Sanders and Killer Mike Talk Progressivism in New Interview

Bernie Sanders sat down with his old pal Killer Mike for a conversation about healthcare, education, workers' rights, and more of the progressive issues on which…
Will Gottsegen / August 29, 2019

Trump Urges Staffers to Break the Law in Order to Build Border Wall Before Election: Report

President Trump is in a mad scramble to get his precious Southern border wall built by Election Day and he's willing to go to any…
Maggie Serota / August 28, 2019

White House Responds to Taylor Swift’s VMAs Speech About Equality Act

Last night at the VMAs, Taylor Swift delivered an acceptance speech that reiterated her support for a piece of legislation called the Equality Act. The…
Tosten Burks / August 27, 2019

The Rock Gives Elizabeth Warren a Cute Shoutout on Ballers

Like most of America, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) is a huge fan of wrestler/actor/ all around chill guy Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. The 2020 Presidential…
Maggie Serota / August 26, 2019

Donald Trump Thinks He Can Stop Veteran Suicides With Ketamine

Donald Trump held a typically crazy press gaggle today before leaving the White House to speak to the American Veterans convention in Kentucky. In addition to anointing himself "the…
Maggie Serota / August 21, 2019

Kirsten Gillibrand Deletes XXXTentacion Song From Her Campaign Playlist

The New York Times published a catalog on August 20 of each of the 2020 Democratic presidential hopefuls' campaign playlists. These are the tracks that…
Maggie Serota / August 20, 2019

Obama Warned Biden Campaign Staff to Make Sure the Former VP Doesn’t “Embarrass Himself”

Former President Barack Obama and his running mate turned gaffe-prone 2020 Democratic hopeful Joe Biden apparently have a complicated relationship. The New York Times published a profile on Friday,…
Maggie Serota / August 16, 2019

Trump Supporter Doesn’t Mind That POTUS Called Him Fat in Front of Thousands of People

President Donald Trump mocked a supporter he mistook for a protester, calling the man "fat" in front of the thousands of people in attendance at…
Maggie Serota / August 16, 2019
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