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Fox News Is Sorry for Using a Photo of Patti LaBelle in Aretha Franklin Tribute

While running a tribute to the late Aretha Franklin, Fox News mistakenly mistook Philly soul legend Patti LaBelle for the "Respect" singer in what is a pretty on…
Maggie Serota / August 16, 2018

Omarosa Releases Recording of Lara Trump Offering Her Job in Exchange for Staying “Positive”

Omarosa Manigault Newman released tapes on Thursday afternoon that she claims prove that President Trump's daughter-in-law Lara Trump tried to buy her silence following the…
Maggie Serota / August 16, 2018

Kellyanne Conway’s Husband Wishes He Never Introduced Her to Trump

On Wednesday, the Washington Post gifted us with a long-awaited look into the domestic thunderdome that is White House adviser Kellyanne Conway's marriage to high-powered GOP lawyer…
Maggie Serota / August 15, 2018

Report: Trump and TMZ’s Harvey Levin Aren’t Friends Anymore

TMZ employees who were upset over their boss Harvey Levin's cozy relationship with Donald Trump now have reason to rejoice. According to Bloomberg Businessweek, a source with…
Maggie Serota / August 15, 2018

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Doesn’t Deny Existence of Trump N-Word Tape

On Tuesday, Sarah Huckabee Sanders returned to the White House briefing room lectern for the first time in weeks to field questions from reporters. As…
Maggie Serota / August 14, 2018

Watch the Trailer for Matthew Weiner’s New Series The Romanoffs

Amazon Studios has shared the trailer for The Romanoffs, the star-studded anthology series helmed by Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner. Some familiar faces from Mad…
Maggie Serota / August 14, 2018

Documentary Now! to Return With Star-Studded Sondheim Parody

The brilliant IFC mockumentary series Documentary Now!, starring Saturday Night Live alums Bill Hader and Fred Armisen, returns in February 2019 with a star-studded parody of …
Maggie Serota / August 13, 2018

Report: Trump Pronounced Nepal as “Nipple”

Stories of how Donald Trump doesn't like to read briefings or prepare in any way for important diplomatic meetings have been consistent since the very beginning of…
Maggie Serota / August 13, 2018

Omarosa Says the N-Word Apprentice Tape Is Real in New Book

Former reality star/White House aide Omarosa Manigault Newman made some explosive claims in Unhinged, her new tell-all book about her brief tenure in the Trump administration.
Maggie Serota / August 10, 2018

Casey Affleck Apologizes For… Something

Casey Affleck addressed the "unprofessional" behavior he says took place on the set of I'm Still Here, the Joaquin Phoenix quasi-documentary/art project which Affleck directed and co-produced. Affleck sat…
Maggie Serota / August 9, 2018

The Grifters of Trumpland Are Having an Especially Bad Week

Although it's only Wednesday, it has already been a terrible week for several of President Trump's supporters, associates, and former campaign aides who have been accused of…
Maggie Serota / August 8, 2018

Oscars Add New “Popular Film” Category

When he hosted the show in 2005, Chris Rock poked fun at how out of touch the Academy Awards were with America's true moviegoing habits. It's…
Israel Daramola / August 8, 2018

Game of Thrones Script Confirms This Show Is Written by a Bunch of Goofs

In the interest of full disclosure, I'm not a Game of Thrones fan. I've tried watching the pilot no less than three times before pushing…
Maggie Serota / August 7, 2018

The QAnon Conspiracy Theory Is Now Subject to Its Own Conspiracy Theories

This morning, BuzzFeed News published an article with the headline "It's Looking Extremely Likely That QAnon Is A Leftist Prank On Trump Supporters." Its subject is…
Andy Cush / August 6, 2018

Succession’s Roman Roy Is the Best Dirtbag on TV

As much as HBO's not-quite-comedy, not-quite-drama Succession is about the moral depravity and familial dysfunction of a billionaire Murdoch-esque clan presiding over a media empire, it's also…
Maggie Serota / August 6, 2018
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