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The Ties That Bind: Interpol’s Our Love to Admire Cover Story

"Wanna go to Hooters?" asks Interpol guitarist Daniel Kessler as we step outside the W Hotel in Dallas onto the sunbaked sidewalk. Kessler is a…
David Peisner / July 7, 2017

Deaf Jams: The Surprising, Conflicted, Thriving World of Hearing-Impaired Rappers

Darius McCall was in eighth grade the first time he rapped in front of an audience. It did not go well.He performed "Fuck Wit Dre…
David Peisner / October 29, 2013

Wrong Way on a One-Way Track: The Oral History of Soul Asylum’s ‘Runaway Train’

In 1992, it might have looked like Soul Asylum were a band nearing the end of their career, not one about to embark on a…
David Peisner / July 24, 2013

Roll, Tape: Cassettes Find New Life Behind Prison Bars

Cassettes may be a relic of the pre-digital era, but there are a few places in this country where those unloved plastic tapes are holding…
David Peisner / May 9, 2013

Captive Audience: The Music Business in America’s Prisons

If you've got to go to prison, you could do a lot worse than the Idaho Correctional Institution in Orofino. The 574-inmate facility is tucked…
David Peisner / May 9, 2013

Let It Bleed: The Oral History of PJ Harvey’s ‘Rid of Me’

PJ Harvey has a walloping, 50-foot-tall legacy — musicially and emotionally raw when stadium angst was a boys club; opening the door for everyone from…
David Peisner / May 1, 2013

The, Um, Oral History of King Missile’s ‘Detachable Penis’

It's easy to forget just how weird the landscape of popular music was in the early-to-mid-'90s. The success of bands like R.E.M., the Red Hot…
David Peisner / February 25, 2013

Camper Van Beethoven, ‘La Costa Perdida’ (429)

Camper Van Beethoven have always been a glorious mess. From their early- '80s beginnings in the Northern California hippie haven of Santa Cruz, the band…
David Peisner / December 18, 2012

Down By Law: The Year Downloading Took a Dive

In the early dawn hours of January 20, 2012, in a small village on the outskirts of Auckland, New Zealand, heavily armed police (with help…
David Peisner / December 14, 2012

Big Boi, ‘Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors’ (Purple Ribbon/Def Jam)

To listen to Big Boi talk about music, you'd think he was auditioning for a midday DJ slot on Sirius XM's adult-alternative hodgepodge the Loft.
David Peisner / December 11, 2012

Fight Songs: How Songwriting Is Saving War Vets’ Lives

Sgt. Josh Hartman is in the backseat of his Humvee as it hurtles down Route Predators in Baghdad. Route Predators is the military's name for…
David Peisner / November 29, 2012

Dinosaur Jr., ‘I Bet on Sky’ (Jagjaguwar)

The reconstituting of Dinosaur Jr.'s original lineup in 2005 definitively confirmed the widespread suspicion that no band on earth could resist the reunion bug. Considering…
David Peisner / September 28, 2012

Diggin’ Beyond the Crates

This is what it's come to. When a man isn't listed in the phone book, when he doesn't respond to emails or letters, when nobody…
David Peisner / September 27, 2012

Ben Folds Five, ‘The Sound of the Life of the Mind’ (ImaVeePee/Sony Legacy)

"Oh, if you're feeling small / And you can't draw a crowd / Draw dicks on the wall," Ben Folds sings on The Sound of…
David Peisner / September 13, 2012

Tour Bus Confidential: Behind Music’s Bumpy Road Show

Dan Gillis has worked many jobs in his life. He's fronted cover bands, he taught at a high school in Maine, and he's driven a…
David Peisner / August 16, 2012

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