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15 Minute Live Performances

15 Minute Live Performances: Sub-Radio

This week’s 15 Minute Live Performances features Sub-Radio. Earlier this year, we caught up with the band as part of our A Day in the Life feature and they gave us the skinny on what a typical day is like for them…which is to say, pretty entertaining.

As far as their music goes, their sound will make all your bad thoughts wash away. As described in A Day in the Life, the Washington, D.C natives’ sound is an “instant, feel-good, mood-enhancing elixir.” That’s not just hyperbole either. If you want fun, Sub-Radio is one of brighter groups you’ll find and besides, when have you found a sextet in great harmony like these guys are?

Sub-Radio joins UPSAHL, KANDLECha WaRozziNick WaterhouseDominique Fils-AiméCarol Ades and STACEY in the growing list of terrific emerging talent whose intimate performances we’ve already featured!