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Kanye West Rips Harriet Tubman, Goes on Anti-Abortion Rant at First Presidential Rally

performs during Puff Daddy and Bad Boy Family Reunion Tour at Madison Square Garden on September 4, 2016 in New York City.

Kanye West is still very good at making jaws drop, for better or worse. At his first presidential campaign rally today in South Carolina, limited to “registered guests only” at North Charleston’s Exquis Event Center, there weren’t enough eyebrows to raise.

Speaking sans mic, with “2020” shaved into his head and sporting a bulletproof vest, West bragged about having a 132 IQ (“I went to the hospital because my brain was too big for my skull”) and ripped Harriet Tubman, saying she “didn’t free the slaves, she had them go work for other white people.”

He also said that his wife Kim Kardashian brought his daughter North into the world “even when I didn’t want to” in reference to her having an abortion. He also said his mom saved his life before bursting into tears in an anti-abortion rant and saying “the world is crazy and I love my daughter.”

“No more Plan B, Plan A,” he said with regard to abortion. West then said, “anyone who is pregnant, you have an option of $50,000 of support to take care of your child.” He was then confronted by a female audience viewer who asked him what about in the case of rape to which he responded that Steve Jobs was adopted and it takes a village to raise a child.

“Do you realize I’m putting my life on the line for the truth?” he continued before professing his love for Jesus.

West admitted that he smoked marijuana the night before and that it should be “legal and free” for all.

Shortly thereafter, he backpedaled and said that abortion was OK in 2020, and people should get $1 million to have children.

He later said that “shooting uns are fun” and that “guns don’t kill people, people kill people.”

Watch it here.

It’s been a whirlwind week in Kanye news that began with reports he was dropping out of the presidential race. The next day his name appeared on the Oklahoma ballot, debunking that rumor. The first national poll with West’s inclusion also released this week, which showed him holding 2% of the vote. Interestingly enough, he took votes away from President Trump.

West originally announced his presidential run on the 4th of July, immediately receiving an endorsement from his new buddy Elon Musk. However, the Tesla mogul quickly retracted his support after the rapper gave a disorienting interview to Forbes where he revealed he contracted COVID-19 earlier this year and came out as an anti-vaxxer.

Here’s the logo for his campaign that he shared on Twitter on Sunday.