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Thom Yorke Releases “Open Again” From Suspiria Score

Thom Yorke has released “Open Again” from his score for Luca Guadagnino’s upcoming horror remake Suspiria. The track is the fourth song we’ve heard from the film’s soundtrack following the piano ballad “Suspirium,” the psych-rock abstraction “Has Ended,” and the arrhythmic creeper “Volk.” In contrast, the new release features Yorke’s falsetto over a serpentine guitar loop ultimately consumed by a crescendoing static.

Suspiria is Yorke’s first feature film score. He has compared the writing process to “casting spells” and credited inspiration to Vangelis’ soundtrack for Ridley Scott’s original Blade Runner. Yorke hosted listening parties for the double-album in nine cities last month and is scheduled to tour the United States in November and December. Suspiria hits New York and Los Angeles theaters on October 26 and XL Recordings releases the score the same day. The movie will see wide release on November 2.

Listen to “Open Again” below.

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