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Watch the First Trailer for the Elton John Biopic Rocketman

The first teaser trailer for a new Elton John biopic, aptly entitled Rocketman, has been released today. The film was directed by Dexter Fletcher, who replaced director Bryan Singer on the upcoming Queen biopic Bohemian Rhapsody last year (though he is uncredited). Fletcher also directed 2016’s Eddie the Eagle, which starred Taron Edgerton, who also plays John in Rocketman. The biopic, which will be released in May of 2019, allegedly traces the singer-songwriter’s beginnings at the UK’s Royal Academy of Music through the apex of his popularity in the 1970s.

Based on the initially teaser, it seems as if we can expect the young Elton John’s hard partying, drug use, and prodigious sexual exploits to be accounted for in Rocketman‘s plot. Edgerton appears in a variety of increasingly flamboyant costumes, and judging by the not-great rendition of the title song included in the trailer, will be performing the songs himself. Why does he levitate at the end of the trailer? You’ll have to wait until next year to find out. John himself, who embarked on his “farewell tour” earlier this month, is one of the film’s executive producers, and his husband David Furnish also has a producer credit. Watch the Rocketman trailer below.