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Sway’s Kanye West ‘Answers’ T-Shirt Is a Must-Own

Kanye West Sway Answers Shirt Prison System

In an interview with Sway on Shade 45 last week, Kanye West declared himself Shakespeare and then screamed at the host: “You ain’t got the answers, Sway!” The two rap culture luminaries have known each other for many years, of course, so by the end of their lengthy chat, they’d made nice. Further, Sway made a statement today on MTV’s Rap Fix calling the Yeezus star “my little brother” and saying he agrees with the points West was attempting to make … except for one tiny little thing.

Sway does indeed, um, “got the answers,” as evidenced by the T-shirt above. The man is now selling that capsule collection item at his Sway’s Universe webstore for $15 — an affordable cover for the SPIN’s cover-lacking album of the year, Yeezus, or creative gift-wrap. Also fitting (no pun) since the pair’s disagreement arose over West’s frequently publicized fashion-world grievances . Of course, West has since announced his purportedly $10 million deal with Adidas.

Speaking of frustrations, Ye has another one via the Rickey Smiley Morning Show: the private prison system, the existence of which has caused many to question whether such institutions have any motivation to take measures that would help curb criminal recidivism. The inquiry is worthy, true, but West almost seems like he’s working his way down a list of famous complaints. Still, the gangsta-rap-as-a-conspiracy-to-fill-jails one is better than the “Jewish people run everything” one.

Oh, and amidst the prison talk, Yeezy mocks Sway, likening the host’s suggestion that West fund his own fashion line to being told to “pick the cotton yourself” (a lyric from “New Slaves”). He also says some honestly wonderful things like, “I’m not going crazy; I’m dreaming out loud,” and talks about his childhood — living in China in fifth grade, where people touched his skin to see if the black would rub off, and finding his way to music by trying to design computer games in seventh grade.

First, Sway unveils his “I Got the Answers” tee:

Kanye talks about the holidays, his childhood, and the prison system:

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