Preview Britney Spears’ Leaky ‘Britney Jean’ Album

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Britney Spears’ eighth album doesn’t hit shelves until December 3, but fans have already gotten a lengthy look at Britney Jean thanks to a steady stream of leaks. The Las Vegas-bound pop star shared two tracks officially — “Work Bitch,” which was quickly remixed by Azealia Banks, and the refreshing “Perfume” — and we’ve also heard a host of unofficial offerings: the “Dreaming Mix” of “Perfume,” a demo take on “Passenger,” a supposedly incorrect version of the William Orbit-produced “Alien,” and bonus track “Brightest Morning Star.” 

Now, Idolator points to a SoundCloud sampler that collects 30-second snippets of every single track featured on Britney Jean‘s deluxe edition. We’ll reserve judgement until we hear the full LP, but the seven-minute preview found below doesn’t bode well for the Femme Fatale follow-up. Aside from the occasional bright spots of balladry, the cobbled-together stream teases a misguided foray into overproduced electro-pop. SPIN recently prayed that Britney’s next effort would “include more Blood Orange and Charli XCX than” — looks like our prayers have gone unanswered. Press play to peek at Britney Jean:

Britney Spears, Britney Jean preview playlist:

“Work Bitch”
“It Should Be Easy” (feat.
“Tik Tik Boom” (feat. T.I.)
“Body Ache”
“Til It’s Gone”
“Chillin’ With You” (feat. Jamie Lynn)
“Don’t Cry”
“Brightest Morning Star”
“Hold on Tight”
“Now That I Found You”
“Perfume (The Dreaming Mix)”


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