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Sarcastic Nine Inch Nails Fan Makes Video for Pop-tastic ‘Everything’

nine inch nails, everything, fan-made video

Nine Inch Nails have shared a host of typically moody tracks from their fast-approaching comeback album, Hesitation Marks. “Came Back Haunted,” “Copy of A,” “Disappointed,” and “Find My Way” all fit comfortably in Trent Reznor’s body of work, residing somewhere on the dark and twisted spectrum that the September SPIN cover star has called home for 25 years. And then there’s “Everything,” an uncharacteristically upbeat tune that, despite occasional detours into teeth-gnashing, bears a slight resemblance to pop-punk.

We weren’t the only ones who noticed the industrial icons’ shift in mood. One sarcastic fan (who is apparently “ready to mosh” to the band’s “brutal new song”) has paired “Everything” with a ridiculous video collage. The clip opens with vintage NIN performance footage, but quickly cuts to The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air‘s Carlton Banks wilding out to Trent Reznor instead of Tom Jones. Puppies and Pikachu soon follow, and so does a cartoon Reznor, rosy-cheeked and happy, riding a unicorn under a rainbow. Enjoy that above.