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Nine Inch Nails Go Major-Chord on Punked Up ‘Everything’

Nine Inch Nails 'Everything' Stream Hesitation Marks

Nine Inch Nails have shared a third song from their forthcoming eight album, Hesitation Marks. “Everything” might be one of the most radio-ready tracks in Trent Reznor’s illustriously industrial and often profane career (via “Closer”). Compared to the twitchy throwback that is “Came Back Haunted” and the patiently searing “Copy of A,” this latest leak is surprisingly poppy, powered by major chord riffage and an upbeat backing track. That’s not to say it isn’t fierce in its own way — the track swerves in and out of fiery punk passages that offset the catchier songwriting quite nicely.

In speaking to SPIN for our Nine Inch Nails cover story, Reznor said, “I want as many people as possible to be aware that [Hesitation Marks] is out there. I’m not gonna cater to your tastes: ‘Oh you’re into dubstep? Check out this thing. What else do you like?’ Not that. But I’d like you to know that I have something out that you might be interested in. If you’re into it great — on my terms.” Indeed, as “Everything” finds NIN veering into non-traditional territory, the Youtube comments for the track, which originally premiered on BBC Radio 1 via Zane Lowe, have been mixed. Deal with it.