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  • Skrillex / Photo by Loren Wohl

    Skrillex Flirts With Top 40 On His Occasionally Brilliant 'Recess'

    "Dance like it hurts to stand still," sings Chance the Rapper on "Coast Is Clear," the fifth track on Recess, Skrillex's stealth-released debut album, and a song that is, hands down, the last thing you'd expect to hear on anything bearing Skrillex's name. Not that the phrase itself is particularly surprising — in fact, it sums up Sonny Moore's M.O. pretty well. And it's not even weird that the tie-dye-wearing, tab-on-his-tongue-twisting Chicago rapper should show up here, given Skrillex's fondness for unlikely collaborators and the fact that EDM-plus-rap is one of the dominant sounds of 2014.No, what's surprising is that it's pop — not dubstep, not EDM, not (thank God) "complextro," but full-on, baby-kissing, Top-40-gunning pop, the kind of song that could well get spun by wedding DJs years down the line.

  • Future Shit (Salva Remix) Sh!t

    Salva Gives Future's 'Sh!t' a Terrifying Club Remix

    That Wedidit should take on Mike WiLL Made It sounds something like the trap-era equivalent of a "Who's on first?" routine, but Salva's hard-charging remix of Future's all-negating "Sh!t" is definitely no laughing matter. The Los Angeles producer actually doesn't do all that much to Future's late-2013 single, which will feature on the deluxe version of his long-delayed album, Honest. The alarm clocks, tolling bells, and yelps are all right there in the original; Salva's crucial twist is to speed it all up until it feels like your heart is about to explode out of your chest, and he tops it off with dystopian rave stabs and shuddering club beats that make you feel very insignificant indeed.

  • Kawehi

    This Homemade Nirvana Cover Will Melt Your 'Heart-Shaped Box'

    Let's face it: This video is about one shell-art sculpture away from being, basically, a Portlandia sketch. The oak table, stone walls, and especially the painting of a mallard in flight make for an awfully knowing contrast between all those cables and controllers. Not to mention that the very idea of taking Nirvana's "Heart-Shaped Box" to the digital woodshed is itself exactly the kind of thing that Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein would get plenty of fixed-gear mileage out of.But the singer, songwriter, and "avid looper" Kawehi absolutely sells it, from the Godley and Crème-inspired vocal harmonies that open the performance to her collapsing-marionette slump at the end — topped off with a smile that says, "Yeah, I got this."Born in Honolulu and based in Lawrence, Kansas, Kawehi has made a cottage industry out of looping and layering her way through pop standards old and new.

  • Metallica debut new song

    Experience Metallica's New 'Lords of Summer' Thrasher Two Ways

    If fans knew what to expect from Metallica's South American tour opener in Bogota, Colombia, on Sunday night, that's because they had already voted on the setlist. But the band snuck in one big surprise: A brand new song, "The Lords of Summer." Now, turns up a fan-sourced clip of the track that blows all those earlier Vines away.Put together by Milanica Channel, the video incorporates crowd-sourced footage from 10 different cameras. It's still pretty fuzzy at times, and it won't be winning any Oscars for cinematography, but as a means of hearing a relatively clean version of the first new material since 2011's Beyond Magnetic EP, it more than does the trick. Who cares if the audio's a little broken, beat, and scarred?UPDATE: Metallica has shared the "Garage Demo Version" of the song.

  • Tobias Freund Entire Ostgut Ton

    Space Out to Tobias.' Hypnotic 'Entire' Video

    A Series of Shocks is the title of the forthcoming album from Berlin-based producer Tobias Freund (a.k.a. Tobias.), but its opening track, "Entire," is anything but jarring. The cycling arpeggios and shifting timbres are weightless in the best way, suggesting classical minimalism's contrapuntal pulse studies run through cosmic music's psychedelic filter. It's a deceptively dulcet introduction: From there, Freund plunges headlong into the head-spinning techno you'd expect from the label arm of Berlin's Berghain.The history of the video that accompanies the track is as tangled as Freund's own modular patch cables: He shot the footage on Hi8 video back in 1992, when he was still engineering Milli Vanilli records with Frank Farian. (No, really.) This year, his wife, the video artist Valentina Berthelon, re-edited the material into the pixelated astral travelogue you see here.

  • Lykke Li

    Watch Lykke Li's Elegiac 'No Rest for the Wicked' Video

    Fresh from her acting debut in the Swedish crime thriller Tommy, Lykke Li has shared a new video for "No Rest for the Wicked," from her forthcoming album, I Never Learn.The former cover star of SPIN's 2011 Next Big Things issue and current force of nature (what with the David Lynch collabs and the Drake co-signs) has promised that I Never Learn will be a collection of slow-burning power ballads, and "No Rest for the Wicked" and its nature morte video accompaniment certainly bear her out.Over stately pianos, she rises to a chorus that scans as damn-near defeated — "There's no rest for the wicked / There's no song for the choir / There's no hope for the weary / You let them win without a fight" — but the reverberant production sounds gloriously defiant.

  • Wu-Tang Clan Keep Watch feat. Nathaniel

    Hear Wu-Tang Clan's Smooth New Single, 'Keep Watch'

    We've been keeping watch for Wu-Tang Clan's A Better Tomorrow for a while now. As of November, Raekwon still hadn't recorded his verses yet, and as Consequence of Suond points out, a tweet from the Cuban linxman yesterday — "Keep dreaming" — suggests that he still hasn't come back to the fold.

  • Arca and Jesse Kanda, Trauma

    Arca's 'TRAUMA' Is the Creepiest Video You'll See Today

    The new video from experimental electronic producer (and Yeezus collaborator) Arca and filmmaker Jesse Kanda isn't exactly NSFW, but some kind of warning is probably in order. If you were freaked out by the Eraserhead baby, you might want to take a deep breath before plunging into this one.The two-minute short is the first scene from TRAUMA, an audio-visual project by the pair that was first exhibited at MoMA PS1 late last year.

  • Chromeo

    Chromeo Go to the Chapel in 'Jealous (I Ain't With It)' Video

    Chromeo, Canada's proudly Arab/Jewish partnership, do a little religious role-playing in the video for their single "Jealous (I Ain't With It)" (via Pitchfork). Donning a priest's collar, David Macklovitch officiates at a Vegas wedding chapel and muses on the suffering wrought by the cardinal sin of invidia — and then he goes and runs off with one of the brides. P-Thugg, meanwhile, plays a non-denominational getaway driver. The cheeky video is right in line with the goofy hijinks of the duo's recent "Come Alive" clip, in which Chromeo and Toro y Moi suck face with mannequins, but when it comes to the funk, these two Canucks aren't fooling around. Feel-good takes on feeling bad don't come much sunnier.Chromeo's upcoming album, White Women — featuring "Jealous" along with previously debuted singles "Come Alive," "Sexy Socialite," and "Over Your Shoulder" — is out May 12 on Big Beat.

  • Duke Dumont, I Got You (MK Remix)

    Hear MK Send Duke Dumont's 'I Got U' to Piano-House Heaven

    If MK's new remix of Duke Dumont's "I Got U" sounds particularly inspiring, that makes sense: Both producers know a thing or two about bouncing back.The U.K.'s Dumont toiled away for nearly six years without making much professional headway before he found his breakout hit with "Need U (100%)," which ended up going to No. 1 on the U.K. singles chart last year. (Not to mention No. 7 of SPIN's 50 Best Dance Tracks of 2013.) In an interview accompanying the premiere of the new remix, he tells Mixmag that he was even considering calling it a day. Los Angeles' MK (Marc Kinchen), on the other hand, broke out relatively early in his career: By the early '90s, he was one of the industry's top remixers, applying his percussive touch and trademark organ bass to acts like the B-52s, Tom Tom Club, Pet Shop Boys, and even Bette Middler.

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