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  • Cam'ron / Photo by Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images

    Cam'ron Gets Lovey-Dovey on Para One's 'Every Little Thing' Remix

    While everyone is (rightly, probably) stoked about Daft Punk and Nile Rodgers working together, theirs is hardly the only Paris/New York collaboration of note this week. The French electro producer Para One, of Parisian hip-hop trio TTC, has hooked up with Harlem's Cam'ron for a new remix of "Every Little Thing," off Para One's 2012 album Passion. The song is a springy, bleepy slice of nouveau G-funk, and it features Irfane and Teki Latex crooning in lovably nerdy Lothario mode; Cam makes the most of his 24 bars, tying up swagger, self-deprecation, Twitter and Instagram shout-outs, and a variety of dubious lovemaking metaphors ("I wanna get it cooking like a barbecue"; "Like my car, I'm starting you") into a tidy little valentine. Forget about #swag, we're talking #S.W.A.K.The full EP is out on Marble/Because Music on March 25, backed with remixes from Girl Unit and Canblaster.

  • Daft Punk: Clever marketers after all

    Loop Daft Punk's 15-Second 'SNL' Album Teaser for 10 Hours

    Rejoice, ye faithful worshippers of robots: The resurrection is almost upon us. Just a week after they confirmed signing to Columbia Records with an image posted to their website, Daft Punk teased fans with 15 seconds of new music during a television ad that aired during Saturday Night Live this weekend. Actually, make that eight seconds of new music — just four bars of elegantly restrained disco, looped once. (It's been reported that Daft Punk have been working with Nile Rodgers, and it certainly sounds like it from the snippet's flickering riffs.) Given the way the duo has been dropping Easter eggs across the pop-culture landscape, one wonders if the French electronic-music superstars are planning to pull a John Lennon and declare themselves bigger than Jesus by releasing the new LP unannounced on Easter Sunday.

  • Sinkane / Photo by Phil Di Fiore

    Hear Barker & Baumecker Take Sinkane's 'Warm Spell' to a Dark, Cold Place

    Sinkane's Ahmed Gallab knows a thing or two about distance. He was born in Sudan, is based in New York, and he's toured the world with Of Montreal, Yeasayer, and Caribou. He looked even farther afield with his 2012 album for DFA, Mars, blazing a trail from retro-tinged Afrobeat to outer-limits psyche, and leading it all off with the determined cry, "Gotta keep on runnin'."With his latest single for DFA, Sinkane touches down in Berlin en route to the red planet. Barker & Baumecker are a pair of producers and DJs linked to Berlin's iconic Berghain club; their 2012 album for Berghain's Ostgut Ton label, Transsektoral, made origami out of the time-space continuum, folding classic house and garage into futurist techno.

  • Julia Kent / Photo by Fionn Reilly

    Hear Roll the Dice Rework Julia Kent's Cello Meditation 'Transportation'

    On her third album, the cellist Julia Kent — a former member of Rasputina and an arranger and touring musician for Antony and the Johnsons — layers multitracked lines with found sounds and subtle electronic effects to create a sound that swirls and eddies as naturally as slow-moving water. Sweden's Roll the Dice make the natural choice to remix Kent's music; their hands-on approach to looping arpeggios and gently morphing sequences has a similarly liquid feel.On Kent's "Transportation (Delivered by Roll the Dice)," undulating cello lines hold their own against a tidal swell of sawtooth tones bubbling in 9/4 time; the math may be strange, but the motion is effortless.

  • Simian Mobile Disco

    Stream Simian Mobile Disco's Lively New Live Album 'Live'

    Is it live, or is it Memorex?As much as the question bedevils pop fans — just think of the stink over Beyoncé's alleged lip-synching at the presidential inauguration — it's an even stickier issue in electronic music.Falling back on playback often gets presented as a kind of Faustian bargain. Deadmau5 and Steve Angello have justified their high-tech pantomiming as a requirement of keeping the music in synch with all those pretty lights and eye-popping fireworks. There's just too much that could go wrong, in other words, to risk leaving any of the really important stuff to the performer. Just like the banks, dance music has gotten too big to fail.Simian Mobile Disco are proof that there's another way, however. Armed with a battery of machines, and having honed their knob-twiddling chops during years of gigs in clubs big and small, they've got the art of live techno down to a science.

  • Héctor El Father with Jay-Z / Photo by Shareif Ziyadat, Getty Images

    Reggaeton Voice Behind 'Harlem Shake' Sample Prays Over Suing Baauer

    As George W. Bush so memorably put it, "Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists." Now, it looks like a line has been drawn in the sand over Baauer's "Harlem Shake" — specifically, its opening cry, "Con los terroristas!"The blog Do Androids Dance has turned up a report from Puerto Rico that Héctor Delgado, the reggaeton artist better known as Héctor El Bambino and Héctor El Father, is considering legal action against Baauer for the unauthorized use of his voice.The Fader traces the "con los terroristas!" sample back to a Philadelphyinz remix of Gregor Salto, DJ Gregory, and Solo's "Con Alegria"; after Baauer's AMA on Reddit earlier this week, forum members identified the exclamation as a quotation from Héctor El Father's "Los Terroristas," reports Univision.

  • Valentina

    Hear Roman Flugel's Sensual, Springy Remix of Valentina's 'Wolves'

    If the name Valentina (a.k.a. Valentina Pappalardo) means anything to you, it's most likely as the singer and co-writer of Joe Goddard's 2011 single "Gabriel," a masterpiece of latter-day garage that bumped and flexed like a runaway Slinky. In April, she'll release her solo debut, once again on Greco-Roman. "Wolves," co-produced with her friend Kwes, is a very different kind of beast, and an even more impressive showcase of Valentina's supple, expressive voice. Flush with pianos and strings, it moves with a liquid grace recalling Kate Bush circa Hounds of Love; it's as buoyant as the forest canopy and as velvety as the shadows beneath.While you're awaiting the EP's release, revel in this remix from Roman Flügel, an all-around legend of Germany's electronic music scene.

  • Baauer's blowin' up / Photo by

    How Baauer's 'Harlem Shake' Hit the Jackpot Under Billboard's New Hot 100 Rules

    Buoyed by a recent dance-video craze built around a 35-second snippet of the song, Baauer's "Harlem Shake" entered Billboard's Hot 100 chart in the No. 1 position this week.It's a huge win for Baauer (Harry Rodrigues), a 23-year-old Brooklyn producer, who released the song on Jeffree's, a division of Diplo's Mad Decent label, last May — initially, for free. Until recently, "Harlem Shake" had almost zero airplay and not many more sales. According to Nielsen SoundScan, the single jumped from 1,000 sales a week to 18,000 in the week that the "Harlem Shake" videos went viral, and this week it sold 262,000 downloads, a 1,359 percent increase.

  • Matmos' M.C. Schmidt and Drew Daniel

    Expressway to Yr Skull: Matmos Discuss 'The Marriage of True Minds'

    Anyone who thinks that experimental electronic music must be humorless, self-important, or dry as a dissertation abstract has clearly never encountered the work of Matmos.Elevating sampling from an art form to free-for-all tour de force, the duo has squeezed sounds out of everything from crayfish to rhinoplasty to the cage of their dead pet rat. Colliding their punk-rock backgrounds with their adult lives as academics — Martin Schmidt used to teach at San Francisco Art Institute, while Drew Daniel, a medieval scholar, is a tenure-track professor at Johns Hopkins University — they see nothing wrong with invoking Ludwig Wittgenstein alongside Darby Crash.

  • Inc.

    Inc., 'No World' (4AD)

    Atmosphere is everything in R&B these days, from the erogenous dirigible of Usher's tantric "Climax" to the Weeknd's baR&Biturate haze. Naked expression is out; suggestive veils (murmur, distortion, the omnipresent scrim of crushed bits and tape hiss) are in. So it seems fitting that one of the genre's most ethereal examples yet would come from 4AD, the iconic former home of shadowy sorts like Cocteau Twins, Bauhaus, and This Mortal Coil.Inc., the duo of brothers Andrew and Daniel Aged, don't make Goth&B. Indeed, compared to airy, arty types like How to Dress Well and Holy Other, they're refreshingly traditional, sounding more like neo-neo-soul than any other "alt-" appellation.

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