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  • Man Tear

    Hear Axel Boman and Petter Nordkvist's Misty-Eyed Italo Groove 'Outside Amore (Edit)'

    Meet Sweden's Man Tear. Is their name supposed to refer to teardrops or tatters? Perhaps both. On their debut single for DFA, Axel Boman, Petter Nordkvist, and Johan Jonason sound both emo and ragged, albeit in a subdued, stylish way.

  • Avicii / Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

    Getting to the Bottom of Avicii and the 'GQ' Douchebag Debate

    Last week, GQ magazine published a fascinating, not entirely flattering, but also weirdly sympathetic profile of Avicii. Key takeaways include the suggestion that he's not much of a technical DJ, women like to throw their bras at him, the champagne flows freely in Vegas, and, damn, becoming a megastar at 23 years old is actually kind of hard, on both the liver and the spirit.Avicii was not amused, and he utilized Facebook to air his grievances: "Reporter Jessica Pressler BEGINS by describing my fans as 'douchebags' - not as a quote - but as an (her) obvious impression in the introduction to the text. The preamble to that describes people attending to my shows as drug addicts!"Avicii's fans, predictably, have taken to social media and GQ's comments section to support their hero.

  • Clouds' 'Ghost Rave Systems' Cover Art

    Download Clouds' Glowering Remix of Blue Hawaii's Sunny 'In Two'

    The Scottish duo Clouds chose their name wisely: They like their techno thunderous, strafed with rave stabs, and bursting with sub bass. (Talk about low-pressure systems.) So what happens when they meet up with Montreal's dulcet Blue Hawaii? A storm in paradise, obviously. Blue Hawaii (Raphaelle Standell-Preston and Alexander Cowan) make delicate electro-pop suffused with layered voices and chiming guitars; "In Two," from their new album, Untogether, is a dream-pop madrigal set to a bubbly minimal-techno beat — part Grimes, part Ada, and smartly balancing polish with naiveté. Clouds deploy slow-motion breakbeats and 303 squelch to turn the song into a particularly gloomy take on hip-house, with a sun-streaked breakdown that provides a welcome silver lining to their endless-bummer beats.Download Blue Hawaii's "In Two (Clouds Rennuredalb Mix)" below.

  • Breach

    Hear Breach's Sultry New Dirtybird Single 'Jack'

    What's in a name? If the name happens to be Jack, then it's not just a name — it's a verb, an invitation, maybe even a command. Breach's new single for dirtybird, "Jack," pays tribute to house music's rubbery-limbed imperative to get low and get loose with plunging syn-toms and the seductive spoken-word mantra, "I want your body / Everybody wants your body / So let's jack / Jack." That might not look like much on the page, but the sing-songy repetition makes total sense on the floor, as it snakes through springy, stripped-down bass-and-drums interplay. It's the perfect example of the dirtybird ethos: The proof is in the strutting.Breach is the house-music alias of Ben Westbeech, an artist better known for soulful downtempo; after a run of singles on his own Naked Naked label, this is Breach's first record for San Francisco's dirtybird.

  • The Subliminal Kid

    Hear the Subliminal Kid's Electro Remix of Melt Yourself Down's Ethiopian Skronk

    Ethiopian jazz-funk will not be gentrified. That's the message of Melt Yourself Down, a hard-charging London six-piece made up of members of Acoustic Ladyland, Hello Skinny, Zun Zun Egui, Sons o Kemet, Broadway's Fela! lineup, and even Mulatu Astatke's Heliocentrics. Their new single "Fix My Life" snatches the music's legacy from twee gatekeepers like Wes Anderson and thumps it proudly down in the middle of a flailing dancefloor, as messy and dissonant as your life. It's Addis bananas. Leave it to someone like Sweden's Subliminal Kid — Peder Mannerfelt, of Roll the Dice — to remix the tune in a way that doesn't suck all the life of it, quantized beats or no. Upping the tempo, he lays down a lurching machine rhythm and adds lashings of synth squiggle and white noise, re-framing all that modal skronk in electro-industrial terms: Addis Ababa meets Detroit in the year 3013.

  • Aloe Blacc / Photo by Andrew Swartz

    Avicii Unveils Bizarrely Twangy Mumford & Sons Reinvention During Ultra Set

    Looks like Avicii is taking that Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply sponsorship seriously. In his main-stage set at Miami's Ultra Music Festival this past Friday night, the Swedish dance-music superstar got as ol'-timey as one of Ralph Lauren's 19th-century prospector-inspired photo shoots, right down to the banjo and kazoo. You can hear a rip of the full set below, and, even if you're not a fan, it makes for an instructive snapshot of mainstream dance music's evolution in 2013, as electronic music's neon novelty wrestles with pop-culture traditionalism (as well as the pin-striped suits of the money managers who are looking for a bigger ROI out of EDM).Before his Friday set, Avicii announced on Facebook that he would be premiering his upcoming album at Ultra, but in fact, he took his time getting to the new material.

  • Etienne de Crecy

    Hear Zombie Nation's Brain-Scrambling Remix of Etienne de Crecy's 'BeatCrush'

    As French-touch pioneer Etienne de Crecy gets ready to release the single for "BeatCrush," a tightly wound electro-house cut originally featured on his 2012 anthology, My Contribution to the Global Warming, he offers up an absolutely stonking remix from Zombie Nation. The German producer wisely chooses not to futz too much with the original's jackhammer of a synth lead; instead, he dirties de Crecy's crisply starched beat and runs it through the mud, piling on the static and soaking it in dissonant synth squeal. If that's not enough to make your head spin, just wait for the breakdown: an explosion of drums as exhilarating as it is bewildering.The BeatCrush EP, which also includes reworks from Boris Dlugosh and Modek, is out April 2 on Pixadelic. Listen to Zombie Nation's remix in full below.

  • Scott Hardkiss in 2009

    Scott Hardkiss, Legendary Bay Area DJ, Dead at 43

    Scott Hardkiss (Scott Friedel), a San Francisco DJ who played a key role in the development of America's rave scene in the 1990s, has died, Big Shot magazine reported yesterday. The cause of death was not specified. Friedel was 43.In 2011, Hardkiss underwent eye transplant surgery to restore vision in his left eye, which had gone blind from a degenerative disease called Keratoconus. Last spring, he wrote that the vision in his new eye was worsening.Alongside Gavin Hardkiss and Robbie Hardkiss, Friedel was a member of the trio that shared their (invented) surname. They also went by the Hardkiss Brothers, although they were only related by their shared affinity for adventurous electronic dance music, preferably played renegade-style, in forests or on beaches under the night sky.

  • James Holden

    James Holden Embarks on New Album With Wild Synth Jam 'Gone Feral'

    After seven years, James Holden will finally release a follow-up to his 2006 debut album, The Idiots Are Winning. His second long-player, The Inheritors, will be released in June, and from the sound of its first single, "Gone Feral," he has done just that. Picking up several light-years deeper into the stratosphere from where Idiots' outer-limits techno left off, "Gone Feral" spreads a tangle of gravelly synthesizer bleeps over a lumbering rhythm that moves like a wounded animal. Another "A Break in the Clouds" it definitely ain't.The Inheritors is out June 17 on Border Community, the label on which Holden has focused most of his energy in recent years, releasing synth-heavy, jewel-toned, esoteric dance music from the likes of Luke Abbott and Nathan Fake. Stream (and, for now, download) "Gone Feral" below; the single will be out with additional DJ tools on April 8.

  • George Maple

    Hear Maribou State's Rejuvenating Remix of George Maple's 'Fixed'

    Mondays don't have to be hard. Hell, life doesn't have to be hard. Of course, it is; we know this. But then you stumble upon something like Maribou State's remix of "Fixed," a new song from the Australian singer George Maple, and you briefly forget that tax day is around the corner and it's snowing in March. The metaphorical clouds part, and for five minutes, 27 seconds, and a few dazed moments afterwards, it's as though everything in the immediate vicinity — the walls, the furniture, the riders on the subway — had sprouted into a thick carpet of daisies that are singing quietly just for you.George Maple is apparently something of a hot property. She appeared on the Australian producer Flume's recent album, singing (and co-writing) "Bring You Down," and she's been working with buzzed-about new-schoolers like Bondax.

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