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SPIN’s Complete Covers Gallery: The 1980s

In 1985, the first issue of SPIN arrived with the following statement of purpose from founder Bob Guccione Jr.:…
SPIN Staff / March 26, 2013

Mr. Motherlovin’ Esquire: The History of Justin Timberlake’s Hip-Hop Cred

Justin Timberlake's decade-long dalliance with rap has been a slow crescendo, yielding multiple collabos that would have been downright impossible in the frosted tip of…
Jordan Sargent / March 21, 2013

Hunger Games 2: Andrew W.K., Action Bronson, and FIDLAR Feel the Heat in Austin

During SXSW last year, Andrew W.K. got sloppy with Austin's food trucks. This year, we decided to up the gastronomical ante and invited W.K., rap-genius and…
David Marchese / March 19, 2013

Dead Wrong: 16 Years of Picking Biggie’s Bones

As of today, it's been 16 years since rapper the Notorious B.I.G. passed away, after he was shot and killed in Los Angeles. The murder…
Brandon Soderberg / March 9, 2013

‘Low’ Profile? 20 Things ‘Reclusive’ David Bowie Has Done Since His Last Album

When word came that David Bowie was returning with his first new album in ten years, The Next Day, out March 12, the reaction was…
David Marchese / March 8, 2013

MTV T.R.U. Life: The REAL 10 Hottest MCs in the Game

MTV has been steady picking rap's 10 hottest MCs since 2007 and, when it comes to the completely arbitrary metric of hottest-ness, they're usually more…
SPIN Staff / March 5, 2013

Giant Rats! Human Hot Dogs! Boxer Shorts! Swamp Dogg’s 11 Craziest Album Covers

Since his 1970 debut, Total Destruction to Your Mind, R&B cult hero and SPIN profile subject Swamp Dogg has been responsible for some of music's…
Colin Joyce / March 5, 2013

5 Best New Artists for March ’13

From a San Franciscan power-pop craftsman to a Glaswegian trio of synth-pop supernovas to a veteran Louisiana rapper finally on the rise, here are five…
SPIN Staff / March 1, 2013

Rolling in the Deep: Hip-Hop’s Greatest Molly Moments

It all started out as a weight-loss gambit. In 1913, German pharmaceutical company Merck patented MDMA (née "3,4-methylenedioxy-N-methamphetamine") for use as a diet pill, beginning…
SPIN Staff / February 28, 2013

In Their Right Place: Ranking 10 Radiohead ‘Creep’ Covers (Plus One Bonus Clip!)

Twenty years ago today (February 22), Radiohead released Pablo Honey, their mostly unremarkable debut album that nonetheless features the song that put the band on the…
Chris Martins / February 22, 2013

Superrappin’: 8 Essential Oldest-School Rap Albums

No one knows exactly when rap started. Maestros like Kool Herc and Grandmaster Flash imported sound-system basics to the Bronx from the Caribbean through the…
Chuck Eddy / February 22, 2013

Positively Charged: Thom Yorke’s 20 Biggest Influences

A map of Thom Yorke's mind must make room for masters of electronic music and barroom balladeers, sci-fi doomsayers and tragic teens, ancient wisdom and…
Daniel Kreps / February 22, 2013

Fred Armisen Picks His 5 Favorite Dave Grohl Drum Performances

"When Dave Grohl was going to be on the show [with Them Crooked Vultures]," recalls Saturday Night Live castmember and Portlandia costar Fred Armisen, "I…
David Marchese / February 21, 2013

Jenny Lewis’ Ultimate Valentine’s Day Mixtape

Find out which tune sounds like "a Xanax and GHB latte" and which she discovered on one of Ad-Rock's mixtapes!
SPIN Staff / February 14, 2013

40 Movie Soundtracks That Changed Alternative Music

Got us a movie, we want you to know! Roxy Music records and easy access to drugs aren't the only things that make people want…
SPIN Staff / February 12, 2013
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