The Used

The Used, ‘Artwork’ (Reprise)

Lead screamer Bert McCracken already called this Utah emo-metal outfit's fourth album a concept piece about "hating yourself," so there's zero mystery in his snot-nosed…
Spencer Kornhaber / August 25, 2009

Bamboozle: The Good, the Bad & the Soggy

The Bamboozle is the ultimate annual music festival for teenagers, in all that implies. Held in the parking lot of Giants Stadium in East Rutherford,…
Stacey Anderson / May 4, 2009

Mastodon Cover ZZ Top, Flaming Lips Sing Madonna

Mastodon interpreting ZZ Top? The Black Keys playing Captain Beefheart? The Flaming Lips covering Madonna's "Borderline"?
Larry Fitzmaurice / January 13, 2009