Com Truise

Com Truise Announces New EP, ‘Silicon Tare,’ Shares Prismatic ‘Diffraction’

Los Angeles-via-Princeton producer Com Truise (a.k.a. Seth Haley) is back with a new EP, Silicon Tare, due April 1 via Ghostly International. The five-track effort is the…
Harley Brown / February 10, 2016

Connect Sessions — The Work

After a month in the hothouse, last week's live event at the Brooklyn club Verboten, finally saw the premieres of the Connect Sessions powered by…
SPIN Staff / December 23, 2014

Connect Sessions Ep. 10 — Com Truise, How to Dress Well, and Ian Williams Take the Stage

Interviewed a few hours before taking the stage of the live Connect Sessions powered by Microsoft event at the Brooklyn venue Verboten last Wednesday, December…
SPIN Staff / December 22, 2014

Connect Sessions — Boldfaced Names

The December New York winds let up long enough on Wednesday night that attendees of the live Connect Session powered by Microsoft were able to…
SPIN Staff / December 19, 2014

Connect Sessions — Live/Wired

Among the qualities differentiating North Williamsburg dance-club Verboten from its chic-nightlife neighbors is a one-of-a-kind Martin Audio sound system that’s among NYC's best-kept secrets. On…
SPIN Staff / December 19, 2014

Connect Sessions — Strange Bedfellows

Sometimes, the eyes give it away. Watching Seth Haley, the electronic musician better known as Com Truise, and Deborah Johnson, who under the name CandyStations…
SPIN Staff / December 9, 2014

Connect Sessions Ep. 6 — Leaps of Faith

Not everyone is built for partnerships. Through the ages, many artists have reveled in the role of the lone wolf. Electronic musician Com Truise (née Seth Haley)…
SPIN Staff / December 8, 2014

Connect Sessions — Eighties Child

Talk to Seth Haley for a while and you can't help but sense his natural inquisitiveness and recognize how he's self-paving his own creative road.
SPIN Staff / December 8, 2014

Connect Sessions Ep. 5 — Geometric Designs

The first thing that any artistic collaboration requires is an honest appraisal of the artists' shared values: where do the different creative ideas meet, overlap,…
SPIN Staff / December 5, 2014

Connect Sessions — In the Studio With Com Truise and CandyStations

What does the first moment of collaboration between a musician and a visual artist look like? In late November, SPIN tagged along to document the…
SPIN Staff / December 4, 2014

Connect Sessions — The Deborah Light Shows

On one hand, it's pretty easy to describe the type of work Deborah Johnson does under the name CandyStations: visual backdrops and concert environments that…
SPIN Staff / December 4, 2014

Connect Sessions Ep. 4 — Of Different Worlds

Some of the most brilliant creative partnerships feature people who have very divergent views of the world and of their artistic place in it. Such…
SPIN Staff / December 3, 2014

Connect Sessions Come Alive

Great collaborations may be hatched behind close doors, but they can only be baptized before a live audience.And so it shall be with the Connect Sessions powered…
SPIN Staff / December 2, 2014

Welcome to The Connect Sessions

If cave paintings of drummers are anything to go by, the relationship between visual artists and musicians is older than civilization. In the digital age,…
SPIN Staff / November 19, 2014

Com Truise Turns Tycho’s ‘Awake’ Into a Blissful Daydream

Hot on the heels of California synth-pop trio Tycho's second full-length album, Awake, New York via Ann Arbor's iconic Ghostly International tapped Com Truise to…
Max Pearl / June 25, 2014
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