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Connect Sessions — Boldfaced Names

How to Dress Well, microsoft, connect sessions, spin

The December New York winds let up long enough on Wednesday night that attendees of the live Connect Session powered by Microsoft were able to make it to the Brooklyn club Verboten unruffled, ready to light up the proceedings late into the evening. Upon arrival, they danced to hip-hop and house tracks spun by DJ Nick Catchdubs, the live glitch techno of Ian Williams, the soulful pop of How To Dress Well and Com Truise‘s meticulously landscaped laptop grooves. They feasted their eyes on the frenetic cut-ups of photographer Ron Amstutz, the textural organic videos of Melissa Matos (TRUSST) and the geometric, psychedelic projections of Deborah Johnson (CandyStations). They drank, they partied, and by the time the revelers began gathering their coats to leave, the New York winds were being far less courteous.