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Com Truise Turns Tycho’s ‘Awake’ Into a Blissful Daydream


Hot on the heels of California synth-pop trio Tycho’s second full-length album, Awake, New York via Ann Arbor’s iconic Ghostly International tapped Com Truise to remix the release’s idyllic title track. The album saw Tycho transform from a solo act consisting of San Francisco-based artist and designer Scott Hansen to a live four-piece band. Now supported by full-time members Zac Brown on guitar and bass, and Rory O’ Connor on drums, Hansen says, “This is, in many ways, the first true Tycho record.”

With Com Truise’s rendition of “Awake,” the New York-based remixer stays true to true to form, layering Tycho’s weightless guitar strokes over cyber-punk synths and beefy slow jam drums. Listening through the track feels like lying in the rolling daisy fields of a Claritin commercial, holding hands with the Urban Outfitters model of your dreams.

With surprising support from Deadmau5, who has been praising “Awake” on social media, Com Truise’s remix will undoubtedly keep the buzz around Awakeas alive as ever. Listen to the remix below.