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Gene Simmons’s Wife Says KISS “Politely Declined” an Invitation to Play Trump’s Inauguration

The best paparazzi know how to get a response out of their subject, and last night, while tailing Gene Simmons and his family after dinner…
Winston Cook-Wilson / December 22, 2016

Gene Simmons Fell on His Ass Onstage This Weekend

Lately, when Gene Simmons makes headlines they tend to involve him making an ass of himself. He hated on N.W.A (and the entirety of hip-hop)…
Brian Josephs / July 18, 2016

Police Raided Gene Simmons’ House for Child Porn

TMZ is reporting that police raided Gene Simmons' house to search for evidence of child porn, though the site was quick to note that neither…
Brennan Carley / August 21, 2015

Watch Paul Stanley’s Bizarre, Previously Unseen Folger’s Commercial

Today, the world has been gifted with a previously unseen Folger's commercial starring KISS guitarist/singer Paul Stanley. Filmed 14 years ago, the commercial never actually…
Rachel Brodsky / December 22, 2014

KISS Say Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Screwed Them Over

What would Thanksgiving be without an argument or two? Paul Stanley took to Twitter on Saturday to lambast the organizers of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade…
James Grebey / December 1, 2014

Foo Fighters Respond to Gene Simmons’ Claim That Rock Is Dead

Apparently emboldened by the controversy surrounding his recent comments about depression KISS firebrand Gene Simmons stirred the pot again in an interview with his son…
Colin Joyce / September 7, 2014

Facing KISS Boycott, Gene Simmons Apologizes for Telling Depressed People to Die Already

After Nikki Sixx and most sentient beings aware of the controversy slammed Gene Simmons for disparaging comments he made about depression and suicide, the loud-mouthed…
Brennan Carley / August 15, 2014

Black Lips Accuse Gene Simmons of Misogyny, Demand KISS Army Surrender

Gene Simmons stopped by HuffPost Live for a video interview yesterday, where he got an unexpected call from Black Lips, who accused the KISS singer of…
Brennan Carley / August 12, 2014

It’s 2014 and KISS is Unexpectedly, Inexplicably Everywhere

Somehow 2014 has turned into the year of KISS. Perhaps sparked by their joining the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and turning The Tonight Show…
Colin Stutz / July 17, 2014

Watch KISS Turn ‘The Tonight Show’ Into the 1976 ‘Destroyer’ Tour

"This is a profound moment for all of us," Paul Stanley told the crowd at the Barclays Center on Thursday night. After almost 40 years…
John Surico / April 12, 2014

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2014: The Best Moments, With Nirvana, Kiss, and More

The 2014 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony is underway at New York's Barclays Center. This year's honorees include a band nearer and…
Chris Martins / April 11, 2014

Nirvana and Stevie Nicks to Take Over ‘Tonight Show’

This year's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction is set for Thursday at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, and Jimmy Fallon's team over at…
Colin Joyce / April 5, 2014

Nirvana, KISS, Peter Gabriel, and More Named Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2014 Inductees

Check out the best moments of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2014 ceremony with Nirvana, Kiss, and more.The Rock and Roll Hall of…
Kyle McGovern / December 17, 2013

Paul Stanley Stage Banter Supercut Documents Deep Existential Crisis

KISS singer Paul Stanley lives in a world where we're always "just getting started," where everyone is "hiiiiiiiiiigggggghhh" and one's biggest concern is catching a…
Chris Martins / April 17, 2013

Peter Criss Stabbed a Guy, Gene Simmons Stinks: Filthy Riffs From KISS Drummer’s Tell-All

You wanted the best, you got — well, we don’t know if Makeup to Breakup: My Life In and Out of KISS (Scribner), drummer Peter Criss'
David Marchese / November 7, 2012
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