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Is Stewie Griffin the New Ace Frehley? Kiss Team With ‘Family Guy’

As part of Kiss’s plan for monopolizing all purchasable goods and services in the western world (see their recent mini golf course, Archie comic, and Hello Kitty deal), the Hollywood Reporter says the makeup-wearing hard-rockers are now teaming with Fox to launch a cobranded Family Guy product line. The band — who is releasing its new album, Monster, allegedly in October — has appeared on the show three times so far, having become a part of the characters’ infinite backstories when mother Lois talked about dating vocalist-bassist Gene Simmons before he hit it big. Now that will become a part of an even bigger backstory for Kiss, one that has led them to garnering over a billion dollars’ worth of merch sales.

“We are focusing more and more on the upper-tier, blue-chip opportunities for prestige partnerships,” Kiss singer-guitarist Paul Stanley told the Reporter. “Family Guy’s track record and consistent success with its demographic makes this match-up ideal.” Which in Kiss terms translates to another K-word: “Ka-ching!”

Although the deal was announced today, no particular licenses have been set as of yet. So tell us, which Family Guy character should wear which Kiss member’s makeup? And don’t forget guitarist Vinnie Vincent’s short-lived Egyptian Ankh Warrior and now-deceased drummer Eric Carr’s look, which predates Family Guy‘s TV network by a few years, the Fox.