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Q&A: RAC on His Brand-New Song, ‘Magic Hour,’ and First Grammy Nomination

RAC, also known as newly Grammy-nominated producer André Allen Anjos, is finishing up a big year. After releasing his debut original…
James Grebey / December 23, 2015

Drake Is 2015’s Artist of the Year

As Jay Z did in 2001 — though under wildly different circumstances — Drake used the highest-profile beef of his career as a springboard to…
Andrew Unterberger / December 22, 2015

Tinashe Knows How Dope She Is

It’s 4 p.m. on a Tuesday in the middle of November, and Tinashe is curled up, fast asleep, on the couch in the Upper East…
Brennan Carley / December 22, 2015

Long Beard: Assertive and Quietly Introspective Singer-Songwriter

In a dimly lit performance space at In the West — a recording studio and performing space nestled in a warehouse in New Brunswick, New…
Meilyn Huq / December 21, 2015

Deafheaven Are 2015’s Band of the Year

I really wish Deafheaven would have destroyed the Beverly. It would've been a defeat for the development that's sucking the life out of music locales…
Andy O'Connor / December 21, 2015

Future Is 2015’s Rapper of the Year

Dirty Sprite 2 to me will always signal the first Friday I remember new music being released. There was a slow period in the summer…
Matthew Ramirez / December 18, 2015

Bleached Ditch the Surfboards on ‘Super-Confident’ New Album

Earlier this year, when the time came to write their sophomore album, Bleached sisters Jen and Jessie Clavin, along with bassist Micayla Grace, cut themselves…
Rachel Brodsky / December 16, 2015

Waxahatchee Rates 2015 From One to Ten

An insidious and devastating collection of hard-edged, soft-centered indie-rock gems, Waxahatchee's Ivy Tripp was one of the few early 2015 releases that sounded just as…
Andrew Unterberger / December 15, 2015

Courtney Barnett Is 2015’s Songwriter of the Year

The first time A&R manager Jaimie Hodgson heard Courtney Barnett's single "Avant Gardener" in 2013, he had to play it again. "My girlfriend got so,…
Rachel Brodsky / December 15, 2015

SPIN 2015 Exit Interviews: OMI

It's always surprising when a pop song goes from zero to Top 40. There was a time before said song was everywhere, legend has it, but…
James Grebey / December 10, 2015

Lizzo: Larger-Than-Life Rapper, Singer, and Social Activist

On Thanksgiving, Lizzo's stomach hurt, but it wasn't because of the one-two gut punch of stuffing and mashed potatoes, like the rest of the country.
Harley Brown / December 9, 2015

SPIN 2015 Exit Interviews: D.R.A.M.

For an artist who still doesn't even have a Wikipedia page, singer/rapper D.R.A.M.'s effect on the hip-hop world in 2015 was pretty far-reaching. His fleet-footed…
Andrew Unterberger / December 9, 2015

Jamie xx Is 2015’s Producer of the Year

In 1999, early techno figurehead Moby was coming off of the commercial failure of 1996’s punk detour Animal Rights, which (in a cruel irony) bombed…
Dan Weiss / December 8, 2015

SPIN 2015 Exit Interviews: Carly Rae Jepsen

At a certain point, Carly Rae Jepsen got sick of "Call Me Maybe," too. "I was kind of getting tired of hearing my own voice on the radio," she…
Rachel Brodsky / December 8, 2015

SPIN 2015 Exit Interviews: Earl Sweatshirt

Because rap itself is an open dialogue, its practitioners are typically very cautious in interviews; someone is always listening. So when you criticize your peers,…
Dan Weiss / December 7, 2015
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