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10 Shows You Could Be Watching Right Now

It seems as though Netflix has gone from the best DVD service ever, radically changing our lives by sending us movies OVERNIGHT through the mail,…
Joe Gross / July 5, 2012

Is Louis C.K. Comedy’s Lou Reed?

For those of us who paid to sit through (and genuinely loved) Pootie Tang, seeing Louis C.K. come to dominate both the stand-up scene and…
Joe Gross / June 28, 2012

‘The Killing’ Finale: A Former Fan Comes Clean

Guess who we met last night in the second half of the season finale of The Killing? Rosie Larsen. There she was with her folks…
Joe Gross / June 18, 2012

The Women of ‘Mad Men’ and ‘Game of Thrones’

Nobody knows how they will react in a crisis, we all say dumb things under pressure. When — as the siege of Blackwater was underway…
Joe Gross / June 11, 2012

The Boys of ‘Girls’

In all of the chatter about HBO's Girls — Is it racist? Are they annoying? — there hasn't been all that much discussion about the…
Joe Gross / May 29, 2012

‘Veep’ Is Julia-Louis Dreyfus’ Best Role Since ‘Seinfeld’

To see Julia Louis-Dreyfus in HBO's hope-it-stays-hysterical Veep is to think: How did they know? How did they — first Larry David, then the rest…
Joe Gross / May 7, 2012

Spin Crush: Zosia Mamet in ‘Girls’ and ‘Mad Men’

What is David Mamet's most interesting creation? An argument could be made for Alec Baldwin's surgical strike appearance in Glengarry Glen Ross, the sort…
Joe Gross / April 16, 2012

‘Game of Thrones’ Returns With New Enemies, Old Psychopaths, and One Scene-Stealer

As Tyrion Lannister, Peter Dinklage has the best swagger on television. (Don Draper and Roger Sterling, you wish.) He can out-think virtually anyone, has the…
Joe Gross / April 2, 2012

‘Game of Thrones’ Returns And It’s Still Awesome

The immensely likable Lord Eddard Stark may be dead, but long live Game of Thrones.
Joe Gross / March 30, 2012

‘Mad Men’ Finally Returns, Is Still the Best Show on Television

Mad Men returned last night after 17 months, a hiatus twice as long as the time that elapsed during the series. The story left off…
Joe Gross / March 26, 2012

‘The River’ and ‘Smash’ Aren’t as Good as the Shows They Imitate

In the past decade or so, there were two outta-nowhere hit shows on network television, two programs whose success was so head-scratching that execs have…
Joe Gross / March 20, 2012

HBO’s ‘Game Change’: How Sarah Palin Ruined the GOP

For a party historically famous for its discipline and devotion to hierarchy, the GOP's lack of either in this election cycle seems unprecedented in modern…
Joe Gross / March 8, 2012

‘Awake’ Could Be the Next ‘Lost’

It's hard to think of a show in recent memory with as much potential in its conceit as Awake, which premieres tonight on NBC. The…
Joe Gross / March 1, 2012

5 Reasons You Should Be Watching ‘Luck’ If You’re Not Already

In its first two weeks on the air, HBO's Luck, a drama about the intersecting interests of jockeys, gamblers, owners and trainers at a Southern…
Joe Gross / February 29, 2012

Dirty Three, ‘Toward the Low Sun’ (Drag City)

7SPIN Rating: 7 of 10Release Date: February 29, 2012Label: Drag CitySeeing Warren Ellis play live with Nick Cave's now-defunct garage-rock monstrosity Grinderman — at one…
Joe Gross / February 29, 2012

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