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Post-Rock Supergroup Inventions Conjure Transfixing Debut

Can there be such a thing as an ambient music supergroup? Feels like a contradiction in terms: Two titans of sonic landscape design join forces…
Garrett Kamps / April 1, 2014

Q&A: Neil Young Plots Retro-Tech Revolution With Pono, New Album ‘A Letter Home’

Amidst the chaos of SXSW, Neil Young announced the arrival of his long-gestating PonoMusic, which Neil and CEO John Hamm insist isn't really a device…
Garrett Kamps / March 14, 2014

Tyler, the Creator Nearly Incites a Riot at SXSW

Does Tyler, the Creator thrive on chaos, or does he thrive on subjecting other people to it? There's a difference. One tendency you tend to…
Garrett Kamps / March 14, 2014

Foster the People Settle for Modern-Pop Pastiche on the Bloated ‘Supermodel’

Raise your hand if you spent your 2011 Playa Del Carmen vacation driving up and down the Mexican Riviera listening to Foster the People's Torches.
Garrett Kamps / March 13, 2014

Jay Z and Kanye West’s SXSW Concert Was Masterful but Predictable

AUSTIN, Texas — Perhaps the biggest surprise about the Jay Z and Kanye West double-header at the Austin Music Hall on Wednesday night was its complete…
Garrett Kamps / March 13, 2014

Neil Young Pitches Pono Music Service at SXSW as Alternative to Digital ‘S—t’

When Neil Young tells you that there's something out of whack with the way you're listening to music, then you can't help but listen, which…
Garrett Kamps / March 12, 2014

Skrillex (and Dave Chappelle) Staged a Bay Area Takeover

Watching a skeptical music media attempt to wrap its head around EDM was one of last year's nuttier guilty pleasures: Detractors insisted the genre showed…
Garrett Kamps / February 10, 2014

Sun Kil Moon Drop 5,000-Plus Words of Sad-Bastard Knowledge on the Balls-Out, All-In ‘Benji’

We already knew a decent amount about Mark Kozelek — the insanely prolific, inimitably morose frontman for the legendary Red House Painters and now Sun…
Garrett Kamps / February 6, 2014

Warpaint Walk the Fine Line Between ‘Hypnotic’ and ‘Snoozy’ on Album No. 2

The first and last time I saw Spiritualized — seated in the balcony of Hollywood's Palace Theatre on November 12, 1997, during the Ladies &…
Garrett Kamps / January 20, 2014

Is Beats Music All It’s Cracked Up to Be?

Imagine your favorite song; now ask yourself why it's your favorite. Some reasons are quantifiable — the musical key, the genre, the tempo, the release…
Garrett Kamps / January 16, 2014

Preaching to the Converted: Chvrches Kick Off Tour in Oakland

Even by indie rock's current standards of success, when a single song posted to a single blog can earn you a record deal, high-profile opening…
Garrett Kamps / November 18, 2013

Cut Copy Indulge the Banal, Vapid Side of ’90s House on the Constricting ‘Free Your Mind’

It's not a good sign when a band's new record reminds you of a band you used to really like, and it's the same band.
Garrett Kamps / November 4, 2013

Cults’ ‘Static’ Is a Forward-Thinking Breakup Record That Actually Respects Itself, and You

It's hard to move forward if you can't make sense of the past, whatever set of events led you from love to loss: his night…
Garrett Kamps / October 14, 2013

King Krule’s ‘6 Feet Beneath the Moon’ Is the Best ‘Steely Dan Gone Dubstep’ Album of 2013

Dubstep has become a word, like "codependent" or "post-modern," that is not especially well understood to begin with, and at this point is so widely…
Garrett Kamps / August 28, 2013

Pretty Lights, ‘A Color Map’ (Pretty Lights Music)

If EDM is the biggest thing to happen to popular music since hip-hop, then perhaps the gentleman otherwise known as Pretty Lights is the genre's…
Garrett Kamps / July 2, 2013

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