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Mastodon Talk New Album Emperor of Sand and What They Call “Funderwear”

Mastodon's new album Emperor of Sand was inspired by friends and family of the band who received cancer diagnoses, but we caught them in a predictably more lighthearted…
Garrett Kamps / April 3, 2017

Q&A: Lemonade Talk New York’s Music Scene and Surfing

Brooklyn-via-San Francisco trio Lemonade possess a sound that's truly unclassifiable. Comprised of vocalist Callan Clendenin, drummer Alex Pasternak, and bassist Ben Steidel, the synth-pop group…
Garrett Kamps / December 1, 2014

Q&A: Tracing Royal Blood’s Unclassifiable Rise to Fame

The rise of the U.K. duo Royal Blood has been so fast and furious it's practically unclassifiable. Formed in 2013, they played their first show…
Garrett Kamps / October 29, 2014

Pennybirdrabbit Keeps It Real (Cheap)

While she got her big break singing on Skrillex's "All I Ask of You," Los Angeles-based Pennybirdrabbit isn't your typical EDM vocalist (except perhaps for her…
Garrett Kamps / October 3, 2014

American Hustle: Nikki Lane on the Value of Honest Work

You'd think that having your sophomore album produced by the Black Keys' Dan Auerbach would mean you could quit the hustle of your day job,…
Garrett Kamps / October 1, 2014

Porter Robinson Invents Shoegaze-EDM on Dazzling ‘Worlds’

Could there possibly be such a thing as post-EDM? It appears so: The moneymaking genre's erstwhile rookie-of-the-year, Porter Robinson — the one-time Skrillex protégé, a…
Garrett Kamps / August 14, 2014

Q&A: Wayne Coyne Talks Miley, Ke$ha, and Flaming Lips’ ‘Sgt. Peppers’ Tribute Album

Over the course of their serpentine, three-decade career, proud Oklahomans the Flaming Lips have been an upstart punk rock act, one-hit-wonders (with their lone radio…
Garrett Kamps / August 11, 2014

Lusine Splices Decibel Fest Highlights on Exclusive Mix

Electronic music festivals come and go (in light of the recent spate of drug-related fatalities, they may soon be doing more of the latter), which…
Garrett Kamps / August 7, 2014

Deadmau5 Disrupts EDM With the Sprawling, Awesome ‘While (1<2)’

The reason you gotta love Deadmau5 is that he makes it so easy to hate him. To thumb through the yearbook of 2014 EDM stars…
Garrett Kamps / June 22, 2014

Hundred Waters Run Deep

You can see it driving south on Interstate 17, a cluster of buildings sticking up like a mirage out of the crags and canyons of…
Garrett Kamps / June 16, 2014

Watch Broken Twin’s Haunting Cover of ‘You Can’t Wrap Your Arms Around A Memory’

Broken Twin is the nom de plume of Danish singer-songwriter Majke Voss Romme, whose stunning debut album, May, was released April 29 on Anti. Dark…
Garrett Kamps / June 12, 2014

Broken Twin Commands Devastating Darkness on ‘May’

There's sad music and then there's sad music; music that's just plain devastating. Death Cab for Cutie made sad music, whereas Elliott Smith's was devastating.
Garrett Kamps / May 13, 2014

Damon Albarn’s Modern Life Is Rubbish on Endearingly Great ‘Everyday Robots’

As most folks know, SXSW is more about brands than bands; it has been for over a decade. To wit: For 10-plus years now, there's…
Garrett Kamps / April 28, 2014

Rhythm & Snooze: From Sohn to Chet Faker, A Global Group of Artists Explore the EDM-R&B Axis

Look, I hate to do it, I don't want to do it, but I have to do it. Reader, it's my job: I have to…
Garrett Kamps / April 17, 2014

Review: Thievery Corporation, ‘Saudade’

Sushi (すし, 寿司, 鮨, 鮓, 寿斗, 寿し, 壽司?) is a…
Garrett Kamps / April 1, 2014

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