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15 Minute Live Performances

15 Minute Live Performances: Carol Ades

Carol Ades was born in New Jersey a quarter of a century ago, and now lives in Los Angeles, America’s flypaper for determined actors and musicians. She is a brilliant songwriter who is going to become a big star. That is currently a prediction but soon will be a dry, very obvious fact and no-one will give you points for saying it.

In 2018 she wrote a song, “Past Life,” that was recorded by both Trevor Daniel and Selena Gomez. That’s not a bad start. Now she is about to release her debut EP, the first single of which “I Can’t Wait to Be British” came out last month, and is one of the songs she performs here. And on this very day in our lives and history, July 30th, 2021, she is releasing her new single “Crying During Sex.”

“I want fans to listen to these songs and feel like, ‘Oh shit, I really needed to hear that’ or ‘That’s what I was feeling this morning, but I couldn’t figure out the words to describe it’,” she says. “I’m going to keep building a world around a community of people who feel like me and want to help each other through hard things.”

We’re delighted she has done our wonderfully stripped down, quasi DIY, performance series. She joins UPSAHL, KANDLECha WaRozziNick WaterhouseDominique Fils-Aimé and STACEY. I mean, if you’re keeping score.