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Bright Eyes Share Somber New Single ‘Forced Convalescence’

Bright Eyes press shot

While their tour plans next month are no longer going to happen, Bright Eyes are making sure that new music continues to flow. The band has just dropped their latest single, “Forced Convalescence.”

Written by Conor Oberst and Nathaniel Walcott, the song starts with a slow and steady drumbeat as Oberst’s vocals come in. After what sounds like a somber melody, things pick up and a choir joins in.

The song features none other than Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Flea on bass.

“In a daze / In a doorway / I stood crying for what was / In a trance / In a taxi / Just keep driving, please don’t stop/ Out of the neighborhood, the multiverse / Iron and rust,” they sing in solidarity, unsure of what the future holds.

The choir section includes James Connor, Quishima Dixon, Natalie Ganther, Anthony Johnson, Edward Lawson, Jennifer Lee, Sharetta Morgan-Harmon and Marquee Perkins with Jason McGee.

Before “Forced Convalescence,” Bright Eyes released “Persona Non Grata.” And we’re looking forward to hearing what else the band has coming next.

Listen to Bright Eyes’ “Forced Convalescence” below: