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12 Best Rock Star Cameos on The Simpsons

Homer Simpson as Freddie Mercury on The Simpsons

Metallica, “The Mook, the Chef, the Wife and Her Homer” (2006)

Metallica on The Simpsons

Metallica made Springfield elementary school bus driver and metalhead Otto’s day in this episode, which introduced them standing on the side of the road after their tour bus broke down. Best moments from their appearance? When Lars Ulrich and Kirk Hammett shared memories of seeing the long-haired Springfieldian at their ‘97 show. “I was about to quit the band, when I saw your lighter. You saved me that night,” Hammett recalled.

Sadly for Otto, he didn’t make pals with Kirk and Lars that day. The band, who needed a ride, hopped in the back of Hans Moleman’s pickup, where they played the intro to “Master of Puppets” as they rode off.

Watch: Metallica leave Otto in the dust