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12 Best Rock Star Cameos on The Simpsons

Homer Simpson as Freddie Mercury on The Simpsons

The Ramones, “Rosebud” (1993)

The Ramones on The Simpsons

The legendary Ramones were Simpsons-ized in ‘93 as the punk rockers brought a driving version of “Happy Birthday” to a soiree for Mr. Burns. The New York band played a super-catchy rendition of the song, and as soon as they closed their set, did what so many Springfield residents wished they could do—they insulted the sinister businessman: “Go to hell, you old bastard!” Of course, Mr. Burns demanded that Smithers have the Rolling Stones killed after hearing that, not realizing which band actually played his event. D’oh!

Watch: The Ramones sing “Happy Birthday” to Mr. Burns