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David Crosby Talks New Documentary, Wanting to Reunite CSNY, Dealing With Jim Morrison on Acid on ‘Fallon’

Along with Chance the Rapper, David Crosby and Cameron Crowe were Jimmy Fallon’s honored guests on The Tonight Show on Tuesday. (Chance and Croz might seem like an odd couple to book in a night, but recall that Crosby once jokingly mocked Chance the Rapper in a commercial for Twitter.) Crosby and Crowe discussed the director’s new Croz documentary, David Crosby: Remember My Name, which is due out this Friday. Crowe recalled meeting and interviewing Crosby for the first time, which occurred when the former rock journalist was only 16. “What I actually did was stick a joint in his mouth and introduce him to a bunch of girls,” Crosby said, describing their “interview.”

Croz also got an opportunity to touch on one of his favorite subjects: how much Jim Morrison sucked. His negative perception of the Lizard King, Croz explains, was partially shaped by an experience he had seeing The Doors on acid in the ’60s. “[Morrison] walks by and he pulls my shades off and says, ‘You can’t hide in there,” Crosby explained. “I teleported to the other side of the room…I never liked him much after that.”

Fallon also asked about the possibility of a future reunion with some combination of his crucial collaborators Graham Nash, Stephen Stills, and Neil Young, all of whom Crosby is estranged from currently. “Never say never, man,” the Croz warned. “I have no bad stuff in my heart about any of those guys, man. I made too much great music with them—I love them.” He said he’d love to be a political “voice” with CSNY and do a “Get Out the Vote” tour.

Crosby also performed with The Roots as his backing band, running down a bluesy version of his 1995 solo song “Long Time Gone.” Watch that performance and clips of Crosby and Crowe’s interview with Fallon below.